World Cup Qualifying - Europe/South America


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Originally Posted by Carlos Tevez

Portugal should be fine as long as Sweden dont win @ Denmark next month.

That's if they're hoping for a 2nd place playoff spot. If they want the 1st spot in the group, then Sweden winning over Denmark is exactly what theyshould hope for.. Providing Sweden lose their 10th/final game.
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I'd Want Mexico to finish fourth and Argentina 5th.. Rematch of the 2006 World Cup.. Man that was a sick freaking Game.. Maxi Rodriguez

But It really wouldn't be the same either one of the other not making it..
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Finishing 1st in the group is pretty much out of the question for Portugal. They'd need Sweden to beat Denmark next month and then Albania to win at Swedenand Hungary to win at Denmark.

Not gonna happen.

king beef

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Carlos Tevez wrote:

Speaking of garbage managers, Raymond Domenech is the worst thing to happen to France since Adolf Hitler. Dude has NO idea what he's doing most of the time. He doesn't deserve credit for France's 06 run...that team was carried by Thuram, Makalele, Vieira, Zidane, Henry etc. Even if France qualify, you shouldn't expect much from them as long as this clown is in charge.

David will be like

When that lame Raymound gets fired.
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Originally Posted by rockforlight

Originally Posted by JJGRT5

We have our spot locked
The hell ? I remember you saying you were born in Mexico...Don't front like you're Spanish.You should be rooting for your hometown boy Cuauhtemoc Blanco and shout all night

Yea I was born in Mexico (lived there for only 1 year) but I always root for Spain, the majority of my family was born/lives in Spain so iminfluenced by them.

edit: I will root for Mexico and the USA today... but I couldn't care less if they lose... thats why you will never see me in any CONCACAF thread withanything else besides a "lets go____"
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New Zealand (Oceania) vs Bahrain (Asia) in October and November for a spot in the WC....
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Argentina vs. Paraguay can be watched on

The 3rd link for the match is working the best right now...only problem is that it's in an Asian language.

The 2nd link is Setanta Sports' feed but its about 1 minute behind and the quality sucks.


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Whats the deal with Argentina not qualifying - do they still have a chance?

I cant imagine a WC without Messi/Aguero/Tevez...

Bring back Pekerman and Riquelme.
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i think if they lose to paraguay tonight, they'll be out of the grouping but still have a chance to get a spot. the caracoltv announcer said it right whenhe spoke about how crappy our backline is. maradona needs to be fired tommorow morning first thing, i know my country is messed up rignt how but pickingmaradona to lead..ppff....
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I'm not watching the game but there is absolutely no reason that Heinze should be a starter for Argentina at this point of his career.
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England with the win today. Under Capello they maybe one of the favorites to win the WC.
Stevie G
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Paraguay qualifies for the World Cup!

Argentina is now in 5th place behind Ecuador who moved up a spot to 4th.

Two more games left
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Argentina have become a joke. The Argentine Football Association is run by a bunch of morons. They re-hired Basile after Pekerman resigned despite Basilefailing with the national team over 10 years earlier. After Basile resigned they hire Maradona for no good reason at coaching experience...not even asan assistant coach or something.

Most of Maradon's decisions have been mind-boggling and just plain ******ed. Gabriel Heinze has been crap since 2006. How are you gonna ommit GonzaloHiguain after he tore it up for Real last season?

Instead of Higuain he calls up 35 Martin Palermo (who was last called up for national team duty 9 years ago) and some 36-year-old defender no one has everheard about.

Ultimately it wont matter how Argentina qualifies but I think it's clear that Maradona doesn't know what he's doing. Sadly I do not see the AFAever firing him...he'll have to quit on his own.
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Most of Maradon's decisions have been mind-boggling and just plain ******ed. Gabriel Heinze has been crap since 2006. How are you gonna ommit Gonzalo Higuain after he tore it up for Real last season?

all i have been waiting for was someone else to see that light


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Playoff draws for Europe from today:

France vs. Ireland
Portugal vs. Bosnia
Russia vs. Slovenia
Greece vs. Ukraine
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