Would a Round Robin round in the NBA playoffs be interesting??

Joined Jan 2, 2007
just to think the remaining 4 teams in the playoffs, all face each other for a chance to be in the NBA Finals...its just a thought (Flame Suit on hand)...but i the tradition and etc..i.e. remember that magic/cavs series???

just something to spice it up.

your thoughts?
Joined Jan 30, 2008
Nope. Takes away from the excitement of the Finals when the teams just played each other.


Joined Nov 18, 2007
What I would like to see is the top 4 teams from each conference make the playoffs, and then the remaining 8 best teams. That way we dont have to continue to watch a few horrible Eastern Conference teams make the playoffs year after year....while 3 good Western Conference teams are sitting at home watching.
Joined Jan 24, 2007
What I'd rather see is a 1 game final. I hate the fact that a team can be blown out in a finals game and still end up winning it the 'chip. Of course, Stern would never do this just because of the amount of money they bring in.
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