Would YOU add your girls parents on FaceBook Vol. what the

Joined Mar 17, 2006
I intentionally blocked my mother and law and her sister. They're my friends, but they cannot see anything that I do outside of looking at pictures.
Joined Apr 14, 2007
Originally Posted by 10Sakuragi

NOO DON'T DOO IT!! lol i added her mom then now i feel like her moms is reading every single post, so i barely post things on fb. only post something she wouldnt consider inappropriate.

you can block her from reading any status you choose
Joined May 25, 2008
hell no, i wouldnt add them, im 26yrs old and I wont even add my aunts and uncles. They dont need to know at all, what I have goin on, make sure your FB is private too, so they cant even get a glimpse of what you are up to, you never know who is gonna tag u in a pic or whatever. And they see it before u see it in time to untag yourself or remove the comment etc.
Joined Oct 26, 2005
Nope I wouldn't add my own parents, I only add people who I feel will add in the discussions and topics I bring up on a daily basis
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