Would you date/wife up a bald chick?

Joined Jul 13, 2007
I was about to watch V For Vendetta and it got me thinking. Obviously she had to have a cute face but I don't know. And bald = really really really closelyshaved hair. What you guys think?

Joined Oct 9, 2006
I could... and would... some girls don't look bad with it... IMO if Cassie cut all hers off, you know, finished what she's started, she'd lookgood... Then again, before I cut my hair off, I had a girl with less hair than me so it doesn't affect me as much...

With that said, that *+% ain't for everyone...
Joined Jan 8, 2005
If a chick has cancer then yeah. But if she trying to make a fashion statement then no. No Steve Austin looking chicks.
Joined Jul 13, 2007
Originally Posted by Mangudai954

Three of the girls you posted aren't even bald

Care to google some attractive yet fully bald women on the internet and share them with NT??? I'd be more than willing see you try. I did the best I couldwith what I had.
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