Would you rather win a team championship trophy or an individual Olympic Gold Medal?


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Allow me to be a bit more specific...

Would your rather hoist a world champion trophy in a team sport?? (ex. NFL, NBA, NHL, worldwide soccer franchises, etc.)


...be an Olympic Gold Medal winner in an individual event?

I'm torn over it. Holding Olympic Gold means you're THE absolute best in the world. You. and YOU ONLY.

However, I feel like Olympian winners are often overlooked. Those in team sports seem to get waaaaaay more exposure.

Your pick?
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Olympic gold medalist only?? Ehh....
Olympic gold medalist and WR holder??? Now we're talkin'.
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Championship trophy where I was an active participant on the team. To be able to share memories like a championship is a great bond for life. Plus, the celebration is a whole lot better.
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You need to be more specific.

Am I a role player or a leader on the team?

Is my olympic sport important (sprinting, swimming, wrestling), or obscure (archery, shooting, etc.)?

If it's a major event in a major sport, like the 100m dash, then olympic medal no doubt. If not probably team championship.

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Unless you're crushing records in the Olympics, (Phelps, Bolt, etc.) people aren't going to remember you three weeks after the closing ceremonies.

People love the Olympics of course, but most casual fans aren't following the individual athletes like they would an NBA or NFL star. Not to mention the amount of individual work and pressure it takes to go through the Olympics, with a team sport you're not always 100% responsible, you have teammates, etc.

While you're the number 1 star and get all the attention with the Olympics, once the ceremonies are over you tend to go unnoticed for 4 years. If I was playing a team sport and won the championship, I'd still be getting attention and people would see me the next year, not to mention the fanbase a basketball or football franchise would have for years.
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Give me the Gold, I don't want to hear anybody saying "He wouldn't have won without Shaq on the team."

But that would probably be replaced with steroids
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