Would you ride a free motorcycle with free gas?

Joined Jul 18, 2012
You can pick any motorcycle you want to ride every six months and you get free gas/maintenance along with it.

The catch is that you have to ride it more than any other method of transportation. (ex. If you drive to work and school every day, you must now ride the bike 51% of that time)

Would you become a RIDER?

Joined Jun 10, 2013
I wouldn't mostly because people don't even acknowledge motorcycles on the road, soo I'll play it safe
Joined Dec 22, 2012
Give me free gas and i'm driving whatever. I dont eem care what it is. 

I ride already tho. It aint THAT inconvenient, at least for me it aint. Just carry a bookbag. I carry my shirt and shoes with me to work and change in the bathroom before i go into the office. Step your folding game up and your shirts wont even be wrinkled. I still go through the drive thru too. Im riding everyday unless its dumb hot or Im being lazy. 

Also ride to the mall and carry your helmet around.

A. I seen dudes straight piss in a guys helmet for fun in the parking lot 

B. The yambs practically deliver themselves. 

It aint like you going to the mall on a spree anyway. Most of your shopping is prob already done online.


Joined Oct 18, 2007
I'd do it, if I knew how to ride a motorcycle.
Or a bicycle, for that matter. :\
Joined Dec 14, 2004
I already ride my bike more than I drive my car sooooo free gas and maintenance would be amazing
Joined Mar 26, 2013
no question i'd take that deal. thats a triumph/ducati old school bmw cruiser rotation i'll work with


Staff member
Joined Jun 25, 2003
Not even a question. That would be awesome.

Although I like the exercise I get cycling to work.


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
No thanks. I will gladly continue to pay gas for the security of my truck. I always look out for bikers on the road too. There are just too many unsafe drivers than safe ones.
Joined Dec 19, 2011

These LA freeways ain't safe for motorcycles. The lack of driving skills is :x

My parents would be burying their son within the year.
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