Would You Smash? Vol. Lady in the Red....

Joined Sep 6, 2005
Is this even a serious question?

I would forge a small burrow in the interior of her vagina

I'd do the same to the chick in the black next to Juelz too.
Joined Jun 4, 2008
Originally Posted by M1dnightMobster

Is this even a serious question?
Eh, just wanted to hear NT's input. Also, this gave me a reason to pass these on to the NT fam
Joined May 2, 2008
Askin this makes me feel like its a trick question... the obvious answer is yes...

But until i get vaginal confirmation im not answering...

The other 2 tho...
Joined Dec 29, 2005
The one on his left is Carmen Ortega
Reggie Bush's former J/O and the one who was in that video that leaked Superbowl weekend showing his house
Joined Nov 25, 2003
i rather have the cute spnish one in the middleish area next to the black chick.. btw get outta here wit that suit juelz lol.. nice chickz
Joined Nov 9, 2007
Whats the deal with the stretch marks around her nipples?

I dont think shes attractive.
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