Would you take this over the STi hatch?

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Via Autoblog.com

Say hello to the bad guy! A Matte Black Focus RS500. 
Powered by a 2.5-liter five-cylinder that produces 345 horsepower and 339 pound-feet of torque, Ford's hottest hatch one-ups even the already bonkers Focus RS with its piddly 305 horsepower and 325 lb-ft. Considering that the RS is capable of a 0-62 mile per hour sprint of under six seconds and a top speed of 163 mph, the RS500 should clock in around 5.6 seconds.

What we didn't expect was the fact that the RS500 would sell so quickly. With their matte black paint, 19-inch wheels and all that performance on tap, we certainly expected them to be a hot commodity, but if Autocar is to be believed, the whole run of 500 units has already sold out – some 12 hours after the reveal. Sales will be spread out over 20 European markets, with the UK getting 101 units, Germany getting 55 cars, France receiving 50 and Belgium scoring 50 units, with Denmark, the Czech Republic and Greece getting five units each, while Ireland receives three.
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I'm the biggest hater of hatch back cars but Subaru and Ford is slowly changing my opinions on them.

I'd drive a '10 WRX/STi any day. This one looks crazy nice as well.
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If I had a car like that it would be my weekend warrior, in which case I'd rather have the STi hatch.

4wd > FF
STi aftermarket > Focus aftermarket

Only thing I dont know is the reliability of the RS over there in Europe. Don't get it twisted though, that is one nice looking car..I still dont get whats taking them so long to bring it over. I'm a big fan of the Mazda 3 as well. I wouldn't mind owning one.
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I like hatch cars, but never cared for the STi hatch. So yes, I'd definitely take this over the STi hatch. Something about the spoiler I'm not liking, but overall it's
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- The RS is the truth.  With Ford's new "One Ford" global scheme, it is possible that the next gen RS will make its way to the States, since that will be a global Focus.

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If it was AWD then yeuuup. I watched the Top Gear episode with the RS and the joint had hella torque steer.... I love combinations of matte black and gloss black paint.
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looks nice but common ford is a lil to late for the racing seen stick to the tracks/ muscle cars


STI >>>>
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if this was given to me for free and includes free oil changes and other services, I'm up for it; other than that, nah, I'll stick with a Subaru
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im seeing more of these gtr inspired front ends. looks nice and id definitely take this over that cheap lookin sti


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I agree with Fords popularity somewhat dwindling in America as opposed to Europe.

You could argue that turbocharged cars are consistent with Japanese manufacturers, think Evo's, STi's etc..
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