Would you trust this device to remove a dent on your car?

Joined Dec 1, 2002
My auto shop has something like that, but it damn sure didn't cost him no $3.

Can't hurt to try...

I say go for it.

Joined Feb 24, 2005
I've seen dent removers like that before but at $3 I question the effectiveness of that particular dent remover.
Joined Mar 19, 2006
i bought the same thing last year from a pep boys for a couple of dollars, i've yet to use it though. i might just try it out on my girl's car to see if it works or not.
Joined Nov 11, 2009
i've tried something like it where you put a glue and attach it to a little winch thing. it pulled out most of the dent but not 100%... i guess it depends where the dent is. i ended up just taking it to the shop because it wont look 100% how well it comes out. and YOU'LL KNOW that the dent is still there while to others it might not be noticeable
Joined Sep 7, 2006
Dont waste your time (waiting for it to ship) or money. It doesnt work. I found a dent in my last car a few years ago and I bought one of these from Wal-Mart and it was useless. I ended up returning the suction cup and had my mechanic fix it for me.

You're either going to have to gently pop the dent out with a hammer or take it to a body shop where they will do a good job (but it'll be costly).
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