Wrestler Benoit's doctor gets 10 years in prison

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NEWNAN, Ga. -- The personal doctor to a professional wrestler who killed himself, his wife and their 7-year-old son was sentenced to 10 years in prison forillegally distributing prescription drugs to patients.

Dr. Phil Astin, 54, was sentenced Tuesday after pleading guilty Jan. 29 to 175 counts that including illegally distributing prescription drugs.

World Wrestling Entertainment's Chris Benoit killed his family and then himself in 2007 in their suburban Atlanta home. A medical examiner couldn'tsay whether the steroids Astin prescribed for Benoit played a role in the deaths.

U.S. District Judge Jack Camp said there was no doubt the 54-year-old Astin tried to help hundreds of patients at his western Georgia clinic. But the judgesaid he could not overlook the fact that two patients died as a result of Astin's misconduct.

Astin pleaded guilty in January to a 175-count federal indictment. He also admitted that prescriptions he issued resulted in the overdose death of a femalepatient in 2007.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.


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Fiends, my mom has patients who stay hounding her and trying to give her favors/bribes for extra valium and percocet scripts. You just have to put your footdown as a doctor, it's not worth it
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Yeah, there is a lot more doctors doing this. I thought this guy would be off the hook as well.
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yungmatt wrote: [hr][/hr] God Damn, 175 counts

That's what I was thinking

I remember I was at a friends surprise party when I got a text about what happened with Benoit

They were saying it was carbon monoxide poisoning at the time


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Originally Posted by lurkin2long

half these doctors follow satan, they dont care about helping, just about $.
I know this is definitely another subliminal shot at me but you're correct a lot of doctors only care about money.
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