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Raw last week was not especially entertaining to me.  David Otunga was actually a decent host because he's pretty good on the mic, but I wonder how many viewers actually knew who he was since NXT only draws a fraction of Raw's rating.  The new World Champion, Jack Swagger, came to the ring to start Raw. He was interrupted by Cena who cut an unbearable promo as usual.  Cena demanded a match which Swagger declined which brought out Orton.  Orton wanted a match with Swagger since he beat him last week.  Miz and Show then came out which didn't make any sense.  Otunga made Orton vs Swagger and Show Miz vs Batista/Cena for tonight.

Of course Batista didn't get along with Cena and walked out on him.  This shocked Cena.  He chased after Batista and they brawled.  Otunga said they were still going to have a main event, but now it would be Cena and himself vs Show Miz.  They had their match, and Otunga walked out on Cena as well, again shocking Cena.  Maybe Cena should get the point that people don't like him.  Batista then came out and laid out Cena.  Batista and Cena will have a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules.

In other news from Raw, Sheamus squashed Kofi, officially moving Kofi into midcard jobber status.  The Divas had a brutally bad battle royal where Eve became the #1 Contender to Maryse's title.

Ted Dibiase is now The Million Dollar Man Jr?  I said it last week, I don't like this angle.  He's biting off his father's gimmick which immediately makes him come across as a knockoff.  Right now Dibiase does not have anywhere near the charisma of his father or the standing with the fans.  Plus like I said, The Million Dollar Belt does not look good in HD.  It looks like a cheap piece of metal with fake diamonds.  The rumor is Dibiase will start a stabled named "The Fortunate Sons".  We'll see where that goes.  I hate the name.  And I don't know where Cody Rhodes goes from here.

Randy Orton beat Jack Swagger cleanly in a non-title match.  It was a good, competitive match, but Swagger needs all the help he can in getting over right now.  Every loss, no matter how competitive it is, only serves to hurt him.

For tonight, Raw comes to us from London, England on a slight tape delay.  David Hasselhoff is the guest host.  Ugh.

Announced thus far are:
Batista vs Randy Orton
Maryse (c) vs Eve - WWE Divas Championship Match

I'm avoiding all spoilers, so I do not have a more in depth preview at this time.

Tonight's Impact moves to it's new permanent start time of 8pm et.  Also, the new show TNA Reaction debuts on Spike at 7pm.  From TNA:

Spike presents TNA Reaction, a never-before-seen look at the combustible world of TNA Wrestling with exclusive backstage access and candid interviews featuring the biggest names in wrestling. Fans will experience all the unseen drama as rivals speak openly about their plans to destroy their most hated foes. TNA superstars featured include Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and more.

TNA Reaction premieres this Monday night on SpikeTV at 7/6c, one hour before TNA Wrestling "iMPACT!" at the new start time of 8/7c

The lineup for tonight's Impact has:

*Team 3-D & Jesse Neal vs. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall & Sean Waltman in a street fight

*Shannon Moore vs. Kazarian

*Velvet Sky vs. Angelina Love with Love handcuffed to the corner in an I Quit match - No Leather n Lace match

*Matt Morgan & Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley for TNA tag titles

*Jeff Hardy vs. Robert Roode

*A.J. Styles vs. Pope D'Angelo Dinero in a non-title match

Let's pray Yuku can give us one good night.
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Idk why I still watch TNA, although I've figured out why I think it's terrible. I've noticed that 98% of their promos are never-ending shouting.... especially Styles, Flair and Abyss. Guess I'll check out both shows sometime tomorrow or Wednesday.
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Looked at both shows' spoilers, nothing great that I can tell. I checking out TNA now because I'm a Kliq mark, but I've realized why I don't like TNA as much as I did a year or two ago. Where the hell is Curry Man?

I'd say Curry Man, Sharkboy as Austin, and Scott Steiner were the only reasons I checked out TNA.
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The Hombrelobo Monday Night Wrestling Update [emoji]169[/emoji]

(now featuring x4 more women then 4wrestlings weekly intros)

I'm looking forward to TNA tonight.


No thanks.

I'll wait til Smackdown to watch me some WWE. (Or i'll just watch it wednesday on Mun2 like I usually do)

In ROH news. We have a new world championship belt.

I'll be adding lots of ROH news an notes from now on.

But back to TNA. First of all.. Lockdown. I'll be looking forward to this PPV as it has consistently delivered.

If you haven't watched the before the bell perhaps this will get this to get you into the PPV mode.

You guys know Lance Storm is my dude NH welp he's done with TNA.

TNA: I'm Done

April 6, 2010

Well folks I’m done. I’m not going to rant, I’m not going to tell you all the things I hated about Impact this week, because none of it matters, I’m just done; I’m done watching Impact for good. I’ve stopped watching before just for my own sanity and peace of mind, but each of those times I intended it to be a temporary break. This time I’m not planning on coming back and checking to see if things have gotten better after a while, I’m washing my hands of the whole thing; I’m done.

The straw that broke the camels back for me was the unprotected chair shot to the head of Rob Terry by Homicide. Yes they have done chair shots to the head before, and they bothered me then too, but this one was different; this unprotected chair shot to the head came just 2 days after Chris Kanyon’s suicide death and I just couldn’t stomach it. I know there will be defenders out there that will want to argue that Chris Kanyon’s depression that led to his suicide has not been determined to as a result of concussions he suffered due to chair shots to the head, but that is just a cop out, in my opinion.

Sure you could argue that one chair shot to the head does not necessarily result in a concussion, and one concussion does not necessarily result in brain damage or depression, and not everyone with depression commits suicide, but let’s be real. Anyone who tries to argue that concussions aren’t really bad, are idiots and they need to go have a talk with Chris Nowinski and the Sports Legacy Institute. I’ve spoke at length with Chris and a couple of the doctors doing research into concussions and there is not a whole lot of doubt that concussions cause brain damage and depression, and instances of suicide increase dramatically as a result of this brain trauma.

The wrestling Industry has suffered an incredible number of deaths due to drug use, steroid use, and suicide over the last several years, and in a post Benoit tragedy world seeing a wrestling company put no effort forth to protect it’s talent roster offends me to no end.

Let’s just look at this one incident, and this is not meant to be a burial of Rob Terry, I don’t even know the guy and I wish him all the success in the world, but I think this really needs to be said. I’m genuinely concerned for the well being of people in this business and after the incredible number of deaths this industry has suffered over the years someone has to say something. I’m not looking to place blame for past events, I’m looking for action now to improve the future.

Rob Terry took a stiff unprotected chair shot to the head last night on Impact. The chair shot to the head was intended to help get him over as a monster. Why is Rob Terry getting this push? Rob Terry is getting this push because of his body; TNA likes his look. Unless you have your head completely buried in the sand you know one of the main contributing components to a body like Rob Terry’s; and we know the heath risks involved with it. Steroid use while likely not lethal on its own does greatly increase one’s chances of a heart attack at a young age. Far too many wrestler deaths are due to a heart attack, and while steroid use is usually only a contributing factor, not the sole cause, it can not be argued that steroids played a significant role in many early heart attack deaths in this business.

We also know that getting off steroids after years of use/abuse can lead to depression. We also know that concussions lead to brain trauma which can result in depression. Depression in athletes often leads to suicide, which it unfortunately did in the case of Chris Kanyon a mere 2 days before last night’s chair shot on Impact.

What a horrific tribute this was to the death of Chris Kanyon. How the people in charge of TNA can be either this insensitive or this oblivious is beyond me. Now I’m not saying that this one instance has sealed the fate of young Rob Terry or that TNA has sentenced him to death, but there are many roads one can travel on in life and we all know where this particular road leads. Rob Terry and TNA together have very willingly chosen a very dangerous road to go down, and it is a journey I refuse to witness or support.

When is this industry and the people in it going to wake up and learn from the death toll this business has experienced? Thankfully WWE is taking steps forward with their wellness policy and the banning of chair shots to the head, but TNA seems content to seek short term, shock value ratings and ignore the horrific long term writing on the wall. This may be a decision the company and the talent made willingly together, but it is one I am not willing to tolerate any longer. I have lost too many friends, and we should all know better by now.

I have been in this industry since 1990 and below is a list of people I have known and lost during my career. I am beyond sympathy and to the point of rage when I have to add a new name to this list, and while steroid use and concussions are not the only causes of these deaths, denying they play a significant role in many of them is ludicrous and we have to start taking every step possible to protect the health and well being of the people in this industry. The people on this list are not without blame, almost all went down their road willingly, so it’s time for the Industry to step up and start protecting its own (like WWE is trying to do with Wellness), and maybe it’s time for the fans to demand it too, with their support or lack there of.

Mike Awesome
Bam Bam Bigelow
Mike Lozanski
Chris Candito
Rhonda Singh

Curt Hennig
Road Warrior Hawk
Big Boss Man
Larry Cameron
Eddie Gilbert

Rick Rude
Anthony Duranti
Big #**# Dudley
Bobby Duncum Jr.
The Wall

Eddie Guerrero
Davey Boy Smith
Louis Spicoli
Miss Elizabeth
Crash Holly

Gary Albright
Joey Maggs
Johnny Grunge
Ted Petty
Terry Gordy

#**# Murdock
Art Bar
Russ Hass
Brian Pillman
Sherri Martel

Beef Wellington
Chris Benoit
Nancy Benoit
John Kronus
Bryan Adams

Mike Bell
Andrew Test Martin
Steve Doll
Kerry Brown
Edward “Umaga
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I'm a fan of the time limit draw. It's a good way to get both guys over strong without either having to job, and plus it guarantees at least 10 minutes of wrestling.
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Originally Posted by 4wrestling

lol when Jay Lethal just came in I really thought it was Randy Savage

Jay Lethal is pure comedy, I don't care how old it is, the Black Machismo gimmick still gets me. "THE MEGA-POWERS RIDE AGAIN OHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAHHH!!!" LMAO!

Velvet Sky up next

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I know ths N' aint got the Hoff" Goldberg" chant...a shiny chopper suit...and drove knight rider in
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I was expecting those chicks to strip down to bikinis or something. Instead they're in freaking granny dresses.
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