Wrestling Thread Feb 22-28 | 2/26 Smackdown - Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches

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Let's not forget that Triple God won the chamber last year after kicking out of both a Last Ride and a Tombstone during the match.
I was so disgusted by that
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Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches Confirmed For RAW
WWE issued the following on their Twitter account moments ago:
Just announced: MONEY IN THE BANK Qualifying Matches will begin TONIGHT on Raw. Watch LIVE at 9/8 CT on @USA_Network!!

This will make a bunch of guys happy as many were worried about thatWrestleMania payoff. This also doesn't make much sense with an entirePPV event based
Whoa, just read this.

Glad they changed their mind and decided to have one at Wrestlemania...but since that PPV is still taking place later this year...we can assume the Wrestlemania MITB shot will be cashed in well before that. Like DFly said, maybe at WM itself. Two in one year is overkill though.
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Originally Posted by GotHolesInMySocks

so ted n cody turn on orton then kofi with the save
Why would Kofi save Orton for?

If they want that angle to go over well...you let Orton get beat down by Cody and Ted so the crowd boos the hell out of them. Cole and King act surprised and we wait 'till next week to see what happens next.


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is tha shirt that orton had on a official ww shirt?

will we see a handicap match between orton n legacy at mania?
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Originally Posted by GotHolesInMySocks

so ted n cody turn on orton then kofi with the save
Wamp wamp.

I don't know what they're going to do with Legacy but Orton as a tweener > Orton as a face. They'll absolutely kill his character if they turn him full face. A Stone Cold like tweener role would be dope but I doubt they'll go there with him.

I'll give the 'E props...they've been doing a hell of a job getting to Taker vs. HBK II. Just goes to show that long, slow builds > ______.

This video package is piff.


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Jewel was looking good in that backstage segment.

This Taker/HBK video montage is
 The buildup to their Wrestlemania rematch has been superb.
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How awesome is this video package?

And how awesome is Shawn Michaels?

Damn I'm fired up for their match and it's 5 weeks away.


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and is it me or does anybody wish Taker would bring back the theme song he had after this OG one...the ministry of darkness one with that devil &## beard
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