Wrestling Thread June 2-15 | 6/12 WWE Releases 10 Talents, JTG Still Employed

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This guy is actually hilarious. I'm a Believer.
You gotta Bo-Lieve. He had me in tears as Mr. NXT. Didn't change his entrance minus the music. Repeatedly said how he wasn't Bo Dallas and the chase with security. This man is beyond amusing. He's un-Bo-lieveable. :smile:
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Bay Area heads, Bret Hart and Chris Masters are making an appearance in Newark on July 11.


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@ that Batista/Bo segment.

Say what you want about him but BOtista doesn't seem to take himself too seriously and can roll with the punches.

And that troll is starting to grow on me.

I'm not afraid to admit that I might be becoming a BO-liever.
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Actually... NTWTmania is a cat show... 4W won the first 3 years in a row... Club277291692000 won this year after he entered himself...
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Do any of you guys watch legends house? With the season over what did you think of it, should they keep going with it?
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