Wrestling Thread May27-June9 | 6/6 Impact LIVE - Quinton RAMPAGE Jackson Appears Tonight

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Happy Memorial Day everyone.  Go thank a Veteran.  I take this very seriously.
NTWT WWE Extreme Rules PPV Prediction Contest Results
  • 62 entries (my fault, sorry for posting the contest so late)
  • 530 possible points (yeah, I couldn't add to 500 that day)
  • 246 average score
  • 76% correctly predicted 2 title changes
  • 92% correctly predicted Dean Ambrose would defeat Kofi Kingston
  • 94% correctly predicted The Shield would defeat Team Hell No
  • 1 entrant correctly predicted a No Contest in the Cena/Ryback Last Man Standing Match
  • 84% incorrectly predicted it would be the final match of the PPV
  • 86% correctly predicted Brock Lesnar would defeat HHH
  • 29% correctly predicted the victory would be via pinfall.
Congratulations to our winner toine2983 with an impressive 390 points, beating the 2nd place finisher by 55 points.  The Extreme Rules victory also moves toine into first place in the overall standings as well.  Overall standings are available through the link in my signature.

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Curt sounds better than Curtis, and he needs some flare. I hope he gets over since they need new talent but we know how that goes.
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Ryback uses so many words that seem too smart for his character.

and then the best catchphrase he can do is Ryback Rulez.

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They took out the Mr. Perfect stuff? :smh:

I feel like we're going to get another 4w 'OOOOOO _____ !!! :rofl: :rofl:' appearance tonight.
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that was a terrible 15 min

wwe really gonna start curt axil w/ a concussed hhh and what i'm guessing will be a fluke win over cena
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The Mr. Perfect part is midway in the song but since songs don't play that long you probably wont hear it so it's dumb that they changed it.
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Already bored with Raw..Gonna do a lot of switching between it and BBQ Pitmasters..
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