WSHH-Bus Driver Falls Asleep Knocks Out Dozens Of Cars On The Road And 2 Gay Dudes Jump A Girl On TV

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Thats all the Latin tabloids have been talking about for weeks. Gay dude even went on LA Mega to defend himself. He said she was drunk off her mind and she called him a fa gg ot. He said "I am gay so I guess I can't get offended; Just like you cant get offended when I call you a +@*@% cause thats what you are."
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cameraman tryin to get a crotch shot at 1:27

these vids have nothing to do with WSHH though
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Originally Posted by JJ1223

cameraman tryin to get a crotch shot at 1:27

these vids have nothing to do with WSHH though
The vids are actually from WSHH but for some reason the videos from WSHH wont show up in my post so i just found them on youtube.
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that dominican girl video was big in PR..everybody was talking about when i was there last weekend...i dont think shes all that tho.
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That car accident one was crazy. That bus threw them cars out the way like nothing.
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First off that Bus went threw those cars like a video game.  Dude must of been knocked out. 

and why did that Hostess go after that dude?  How come you couldn't hear her?  I tell you what them gay dudes had each others back - literally
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@ that bus demolishing those cars.

gay dudes are too funny, hating on the chick while explaining the situation.
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