WWSJD? (What would Stu Jackson Do?)

Joined Oct 17, 2000
The way Stu Jackson does things will clearly indicate if he's Stu, or another RogerC.

My takes:

- Alston = 1 game. House (although he bumped him after the shot) should be rewarded for notattacking dude.

- House = 5k, not disclosed to the public, for the bump after the shot, although it was nomalicious intent. It goes to charity and he can deduct it from his taxes any damn way!

- Fisher = 2 games. If you go to espn.com, they show the clip. Fisher sees Scola coming andlooks in his rearview the ENTIRE time, setting up for his elbow. It was premeditated from the very jump, and the hit was above the shoulders. If it was just inthe chest and directly in the heat of battle, 1 game. Above the shoulders and premeditated = 2 games.

- Kobe = 1 game. Situation identical to D. Howard/S. Dam in my opinion. If that's thestandard that was set, for a "superstar" in the playoffs this year, I swear I will not watch another Laker game if Kobe gets off. Artest was clearlyand fairly boxing him out, no illegal hands or nothing.

- Artest = fined 10k. Just cause. He gets a 15k discount for very good behavior, he went tothe refs immediately and all pleading his case. A man is still a man. He should be commended, and his post-game interview is an instant classic. He may bebi-polar, lol, but Artest gonna let you know what the deal is! hahahaha!
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Rafer still thought he was playing for And1. House is a better dude than I am, I couldn't let a man slap me in the head on tv and just talk it out
Joined Feb 27, 2001
damn..i wish i could stay up that late and watch a Laker game...reads like a missed alot..
*goes to espn.com*

House reacted like a man trying to get a ring...good for him...but wow..did he hold back or is he power u?
Joined Feb 24, 2008
Fisher laid homie out. He probably will get one game.

They'll probably just give Kobe a flagrant 1.

Alston should be rewarded for making House's headband ripple. That was like a father/son smack.
Joined Mar 8, 2001
no way they give Kobe a game. Not in the playoffs. Should they or not is another issue

Skip and Fisher gonna get games off top. Fisher was lookin like Brian Dawkins and @*#. Skip smacked House like my mom used to do for bringing home a D on myreport card.
Joined Feb 27, 2001
back from espn.com.
.whoa .....D Fish measured homie for that block..and Kobe well thats what he does on the low and gets away with it 99% of the time...
is it too late for the rockets to sign the other 1%...Chris Childs

i know someone can que that gif.. ..MyT?
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