XX Quickstrike

May 9, 2007
I really want to cop a pair of these. How are they to play in?
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depends...the regional colorways are bad because of the rubber compound used on the soles. they aren't sticky enough.

but the OG's, stealths, and quickstrikes always seem to get good reviews. at least, from what i've seen.
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Yeah, definitely depends.

I've seen a guy in the QS XX's slippin and sliding on a pretty clean court, where people who were wearing stuff like LBII's and 2K5's were okay.

Also seen guys who play in Stealths that didn't have any issues.

Basically, traction is the main issue. I'm only going to rock my Stealths casually, and I think I actually want to pick up another pair.
I played in my QS XXs a few times and they provided me with everything except the traction wasn't as great as i expected. oh and the shoe laces got untied sometimes.
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