XXI Pe for Basketball

Excellent shoe. I hate Zoom Air, but it is executed nicely in this shoe. If you are into serious ankle support, this shoe is it. The traction is on point as well.
Amazing shoe. Not as comfortable as the XXI, but the zoom in these don't flatten out as quickly.

Amazing shoe, worth the $150 pricepoint(though you will be able to get them at an outlet for less than $100)

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^Zoom air is technology used throughout many basketball shoes by Nike.
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Yea they fit true to size, and they fit your foot very nice and snug, they take a couple of wears to break in though, but pretty comfortable and great traction,

does anyone know the longevity of the shoe?
I thought these had ips, with the changeable pods in the heal. is that wrong or do they have zoom as well?
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these have IPS - independent pod system

they do have zoom air - but only at the heel
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I didn"t play in these, but in the XXI which lack of breathability is well known. I think it's the same problem with the PE, and maybe even worse since they have this lace cover.
Lace cover which by the way seemed to have a tendency to tear off.
Maybe the guys here can confirm.
On the XXI traction is pretty good, and so is cushioning. And since both shoes have the same outsole I think it won't be a problem for you.
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Is the zoom air in these in a removable insole like in the Flightposites or built in in the midsole?

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theyre great for ball like a lot of pple said
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Which is better, the XXI or the XXI PE?

I'm buying one or the other soon.

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