XXI Pics - Brought to you by GetHigh420

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Would some Mod/Admin please look into ImStillFresh's post.

Somehow, he has set some sort of code to make sure his post remains last every time. Frankly, it's getting pretty annoying!!

Anyway, I, personally, think they look great from what I can see. I cannot wait to see better pics. Thanks alot Billy/GetHigh420!

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This is one of the few times I saw the new Air Jordan and did not say "WTF is that?!?!" BUT, I'm not sure if that's good or bad...YET. The Air Jordan has always been about the DETAILS. None of which we can see in this blurry pic. I like the overall shapes and the way the shoe can be colorblocked right away. It seems like a well-balanced design. I believe that this IS the final shoe...but have no proof either way. If the details are not well-thought out on this shoe, my opinion will change. And I don't believe that will be the case. Therefore, it should be one of my favorite Jordans of all time. Watch as the haters have a sudden change of heart.

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Quote:[hr][/hr]take any jordan before this one (if it is, in fact, the xxi)...now imagine a fuzzy pic of it. now, barring the 1(due to the fact that is very similar to the Dunk and AF1) they all incite an almost love-hate reaction. on top of that, it's almost instantly distinguishable from anything else on the market, be it with the shape of the midsole(13), patent leather(11, 16, 19) or a stand-alone ankle strap(20).[hr][/hr]
c'mon b, you can not be serious? plain & simple:
decent pics>>>>>blurry pics...you can put which ever j's you want in the pics and you would get the same response

i definitely agree that mike's have for the most part, been able to differentiate themselves from all other shoes in the marke, and if nothing else we should expect the same from this version...
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Quote:[hr][/hr]Alls I'ms a Saying is that not the Shoe I saw.[hr][/hr]
BabyJ did say that there were 5 different samples each with differences so maybe we all should sit back for awhile and not jump to conclusions saying that they look like a rbk shoe..
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wow..havent been into JB forum for a minute..and something told me to check it out....

at first glance, i thought it reminded me of the XIV.

looks good so far.

at all the people saying, they'll hold judgement until they see better pictures....the reason i'm laughing b/c i'm sure they hated on previous shoes before and did a 180 on them....(myself included :\
)......so I too will hold off on passing judgement on shoes from now on until I see better pictures of them or in person.
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Funny actually. People were saying how ugly the xx's were at first, then people changed their minds. :D

That's how it is with J's I guess.

If these are the xxi's, We need better pics to come to a final decision.

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D'wayne is a cool guy. This from the looks of it, does not look like a Jordan, team J, maybe. Bad pics, yes, but nothing about these pics made me like woah! D'wayne needs to step it up.
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Oh my God!!! It looks like... a SHOE!!!

Thats all I'm hearing with this RBK ATR, and 1 nonsense. Just cause it doesn't have an ankle leash, laser strap, solar-powered anti-gravity springs, and enough patent leather to make a blind man say "O MAN THATS BRIGHT!!", does NOT mean its not a Jordan. Jordans are shoes and just cause it looks like other shoes with simpler designs doesn't mean anything.

The only reason people are hatin' so much is cause they are 14 with no job and can't afford a good lookin $175 pair of J's.
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This is one of the times when i pray that nike people are checking this site for feedback because if they put those out.....i will officially resign from coppin jays.......new ones at least.....but really wtf are those they look like some rbk's...........id rather rock some S. Highs >:
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Even from that sample pic, I can't see how ya'll are saying this shoe is "too simple, too plain" to be an AJ. I think if the lateral / medial design differs, that alone should kill that notion...but then again, only 3 Air Jordans, the XIII, XIV and XX, had altered lateral / medial designs, but no one calls the other 17 styles "too plain" because of that.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]ut then again, only 3 Air Jordans, the XIII, XIV and XX, had altered lateral / medial designs, but no one calls the other 17 styles "too plain" because of that. "> but then again, only 3 Air Jordans, the XIII, XIV and XX, had altered lateral / medial designs, but no one calls the other 17 styles "too plain" because of that. [hr][/hr]
from judging them pics CEO, i can tell they really ZzZzZz on da desgin level..i mean look at da outsole...other than a few citcles here and there....they are bone dry plain.....mostly EVERY jordan had a stylish outsole whether they were colored nice or had different designs...these while they aren't "ugly" at first glance...they aren't really saying much...and since they 175...i suggest they a huge jumpman somewhere at least. :nerd:

i do see a massive potential if they make a black nubuck color wit a while outsole.... :pimp:

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People relax...wait till better pics come out before passing judgement.

and for all those people saying they will retire from collecting Jordan's if these come out...please do.
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could someone email me the pic (info in sig), im at work and the cyber-nanny crap blocks "personal storage" sites. im dyin to see them
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that show could work as a AJ...but that colorway is gonna have to go back......not those colors.....horrible, and the shoe personally is a bad model for the XXI...i gope thas not official
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