Ya man Slater was NO SLOUCH! (Vid)

Aug 11, 2001
I remember when I first saw this as a kid. Haven't seen this in almost a decade...

Ya man Slater ate Morris' right then delivered a devastating blow that almost knocked son's head off the floor
I remember that from back in the day.
@ the use of the word "Punk"

Slater was that dude
Slater was an all state wrestler and it shows. Zack got sonned hard.

Zack got punked by Screech too for messin with Lisa.

Zack might've boned Lisa, Kelly, and Jesse, but he ain't no match for Slater/Screech when it comes to the hands.
i always thought it was funny how after the fight Slater got a black eye and Zack only got a little busted lip.
The way he came down the stairs and said "Too Far"
was on some Steven Segal type $#+%
Originally Posted by dustblaaze

Slater was an all state wrestler and it shows. Zack got sonned hard.

Zack got punked by Screech too for messin with Lisa.

Zack might've boned Lisa, Kelly, and Jesse, but he ain't no match for Slater/Screech when it comes to the hands.
speaking of the screech fight...peep the first gif. hahahahahahaha

Zack's roster > Slater's

peep the list

Spoiler [+]
Love life
Throughout the sitcoms that featured Zack Morris, he had numerous flames:

[h3][edit] Junior high (Miss Bliss)[/h3]
  • Karen (episode "Summer Love" - Zack meets Karen over the summer, but because she's older, he lies about his age, which leads to complications when school starts again; played by Carla Gugino)
  • Shana (episode "Save the Last Dance for Me" - Zack and Mikey both like the same girl, and both want to go to the dance with her.)
  • Colleen Morton, aka Stevie (episode "Stevie" - Zack bets that he can kiss Stevie, a young rock star and former student at their school that will be performing at JFK, and does end up getting a kiss from Colleen without knowing at the time that it's the same girl.)
[h3][edit] High school (Bell)[/h3]
  • Long-term relationships:
    • Kelly Kapowski (Zack and Kelly are an on-again, off-again couple throughout their high school years.)
    • Stacy Corosi (Zack and Stacy grew close during their time working together at the Malibu Sands Beach Club; played by actress Leah Remini)
    • Tori Scott (After Tori transfers to Bayside, she and Zack butt heads, but after making a bet with Slater about who could kiss Tori first, Zack starts to realize he actually likes her; played by Leanna Creel)
  • Short-term relationships:
    • Penny Belding (episode "Blind Dates" - Mr. Belding coerces Zack into going on a blind date with his niece, but Zack sends Screech in his place.)
    • Nicki Kapowski (episode "1-900-Crushed" - Kelly's little sister who has a crush on Zack, and after he mistakes her voice for Kelly's and says that he loves her he has to straighten things out.)
    • Jennifer (episode "From Nurse to Worse" - Zack temporarily falls for the hot new school nurse, even though he was about to ask Kelly to steady with him.)
    • Jessie Spano (episode "Snow White and the Seven Dorks" - Zack and Jessie have to kiss in a play, and for a while they think they may actually have feelings for each other, making the kiss awkward.)
    • Danielle (episode "Fake ID's" - Zack falls for a college girl, and gets a fake ID made so he can go to the over-18 club with her.)
    • Wendy (episode "Date Auction" - Wendy wins the right to go to a dance with Zack during a date auction and Zack initially lies in order to blow her off because she is fat, he ends up rethinking his sizist attitudes and sharing a dance with her.)
    • Kristy Barnes (episode "Hold me Tight" - Zack grows to like this female wrestler, whom he dates partially because Jessie was jealous that Slater and Krystee were spending too much time together.)
    • Mindy Wallace (episode "Rockumentary" - As part of Zack's dream about hitting the big time, he has a fling with his publicist, which leads to him splitting from the group for a while.)
    • Laura Benton (episodes "Home for Christmas" part 1 and 2 - Laura catches Zack's eye at the mall, so he tries to woo her, then helps her and her father when he finds out they're homeless.)
    • Andrea Larson (TV movie "Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style" - While in Hawaii for a summer vacation, Zack falls for a local and pursues a relationship with her.)
    • Joanna (episode "The Fight" - A new girl comes to Bayside, and Zack and Slater fight over who will get to go to the dance with her.)
    • Lisa Turtle (episode "The Bayside Triangle" - These two long-time friends begin to think they might have feelings for each other, and share a kiss.)
    • J.B. Slater (episode "Slater's Sister" - When Slater's sister comes to town, Zack dates her for a while, which upsets Slater.)
    • Kimberly (Screech's sexy, albeit adopted, cousin who was meant to ease Zack back into the dating world after his split with Kelly)
    • Melissa (episode "Teen Line" - Zack sets up a date with a girl he talked to on the school's advice hotline, and after meeting her it takes him a while to get past her disability.)
    • Jennifer Wade (episode "Love Machine" - Slater's ex-girlfriend from school in Germany transfers to Bayside, and after Slater and Jennifer realize they do not have romantic feelings for each other any more, Zack dates Jennifer)
  • Crushes
    • Rhonda Robestelli (Early on in the High School years, she unrelentingly pursued Zack and wound up on a date to a dance with him).
[h3][edit] College[/h3]
  • Leslie Burke (After arriving at Cal U, Zack quickly falls for Leslie and talks her into going on a date with him, but when Kelly shows up, Zack is torn between the two girls.)
  • Jennifer Williams (episode "Professor Zack" - Zack pretends to be a professor to impress Jennifer, but this causes problems because she's the chancellor's daughter.)
  • Linda Addington (episode "Screech Love" - Zack starts dating a tennis star, but after he asks Screech to tutor her, it turns out she likes Screech better.)
  • Kelly Kapowski (During their first year of college, Zack and Kelly get back together, survive some rocky times, and end up getting engaged. When Zack proposed to Kelly, she was unsure at first, and said she needed time to think about it. This occurred shortly before Kelly was scheduled to leave and spend a summer studying at sea. However, just before the ship left on the day she was set to depart, Kelly realized she did want to marry Zack and did not want to wait any longer. The wedding, and the events immediately prior to it, were featured in the TV movie, Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.)
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