Yellow Ferrari 14s Summer 2019?

Joined Apr 21, 2016
I ain't mad at them at all. Kind of shoe you end up regretting skipping 2-3 years down the line like I did with Laney and "Ferrari" XIV.
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Joined May 6, 2018
this week's debacle with the yellow toe 1s and SBBs moved these up on the depth chart.

they're starting now. I'm in.
Joined Mar 1, 2018
nvm last i checked j23 it was the 22nd now it officially changed

w/o a doubt in on these, suede or not

red ones were one of my fav releases of 2014
Joined Aug 3, 2013
I’m diggin em.. hopefully they aren’t impossible to snag. It would be nice if they’d make it to foot stores.. not just the 2 or 3. Not much info yet if they really droppin next week. :nerd:

Nvm, they’re on FTL & FTA calendar.. but doesn’t show any stores for my area yet. >D
Joined Feb 3, 2019
I didn’t like these much looking at pics online but i saw them in store yesterday at the mall and they are actually quite nice. I was impressed. Still not really my cup of tea but still nice.
Joined Mar 17, 2019
Can anyone confirm the release date on these? I'm hearing the 15th of June but every release date website says the 22nd of June. Thanks.
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