Yet another forgotten about Young Hov bodyment...

Sep 26, 2000

Insightful and inspiring...yet a little arrogant.�

Brooklyn's Bad Boy back againFeet hit the ground running and my back's to the windAngels on my shoulders, head in the cloudsNo I'm not rapping I'm just thinking real loudMy Karma's my armor, my charm and witis like a leather bomber I'm warm and %$*#and I did bad for good but when you're trapped in the hoodyou do worse for less homie earth's a testOnly God can judge me, my heart ain't uglyBut the thoughts that I drop is heavy, try to budge meMomma loved me, Pop left meStill the homies call me lucky lefty          Im flashy and deadly, deceptively smartI make hustlin' heaven and pimping a artLong as I know that I'm blessed and Im loved in depthI can walk through water and not get wet, Im that fresh!
Dude really is the best ever.

I'm waiting for about 10 years from now when they release his unused/unreleased content.

That will be another classic compilation.
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