Yo NT, my car got totalled out

Joined Jun 18, 2008
Long story short, got into an accident and totaled my 98 Honda Civic EX...

the estimate came out to like $3700(they said my passenger car door and rear view mirror had to be replaced, but those weren't even damaged in the wreck
Got two options: take $1900 and keep my car to only salvage due to it not being drivable or let them keep my car and get $2500 ...

any suggestions on what I should do and a car I should look at copping with this amount?
Joined Jan 14, 2008
I'd take the 2500 to be honest, after a cars been crashed, it's not the same. Second of all, to get rid of that car with a salvaged title is kind ofdifficult. You'll always find someone down to buy a salvaged car, but like i said you have to find them.
Joined Dec 5, 2007
if you know anyone in the racing scene you could probably part it if you keep it for some extra money depending on how many pieces are damaged from theaccident.
Joined Jan 19, 2005

Take the $1900 and see what parts you can sell of the wrecked Civic.
You may have $1000 worth of parts to sell off it, and then sell the rest of it to a scrap yard for $250
Joined Jan 22, 2008
pics of car? do you really want or like the car?

depending on how bad the wreck is, you can replace parts on a civic easy if you go look in a junk yard. Keep the $1900 and the car so that you have somethingto drive in.
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