Yo NT....my dog ran away :(

Joined Feb 8, 2008
He ran away at 4 and I'm starting to think the worst happened either the pound picked him (I doubt it because he has his collar with my cell number on it),someone took him into their home, or.....he got ran over or killed by the heartless people in my neighborhood....I want my pup back

I look for him every hour....I'm not going to school or work tomorrow...


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Good luck, man. Try knocking on doors around the neighborhood.

Having dogs escape can be heart wrecking.
Joined Dec 19, 2007
im so sorry
i hope u find him...

you should def. call the pounds in your area tomorrow
Joined Mar 14, 2005
He'll come back. Hopefully

My dog is out all day sometimes. doesn't come back til 11ish. He'll come home when he wants
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check your local police station. they might have him or received a call about him. Also, check local animal shelters. Make signs and hang them up all over yourneighberhood. Good luck!!
Joined Feb 8, 2008
Originally Posted by pushat973

what kind of dog?
He's a lil' black and brown Chihuahua
I found the little guy 2 years ago wandering the street about to get run over so I ran out picked him up and took him in

It's gon' be a lonely night

He usually sleeps curled up next to me and lick me when my alarm goes off
But he usually does this on a daily basis but he comes back after about an hour or so


Joined Jun 21, 2006
GL dude. it's a man's worst nightmare when this happens.

my 12 year old dog has gotten out of the backyard more than 10 times because someone was careless and didnt close the gate properly. we were lucky in that eachtime we were able to find him, or a neighbor returned him. hope you have the same luck.
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