YO NT!! Would you say I'm on too something?

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Okay, so heres the story....I've been at this used car dealership for about 2 weeks. It's legit! Cars that have under 150k in mileage come with a lifetime engine warranty that the owner pays $1000 for per car just for customer appreciation. He also get parts, labor and tires at wholesale prices (labor being $50 an hr mechanics). Im pretty sure that lost of you know that there is tons of money to be made as a car salesman; it just takes time and effort right? Luckily I was blessed with the ability and fatigue to be outgoing and talkative. Therefore it works perfect for me......
A great idea just dawned upon of how I can make a career out of this "job". Im only 21 so I have plenty of time to get my mechanics and auto body tech certifications. Keep in mind that I have my folks using word of mouth and my business to help me out (I pay them $100 everytime someone they refer to me buys a car) as I type this to you. I know just off of car sales alone I can get rich, but think about if I told my customers that I could guarantee full service with them along with the car they buy from me? Great idea right? I would be selling them a car plus handling there engine issues and body work at a lower price than anyone can quote them. The car without warranties would be my main targets with this idea.

Overtime I highly believe that I will be an appointment car salesman along with having my own assistant, a handful of skills to get any job done on any car mechanically and become rich very soon. 

Sorry for the long read, but I had to release my brain from this full proof plan to see if it made sense to other people around other than people in Washington. Maybe some of you that are in car sales can take this into consideration?



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Sounds like youre in it to lose money. But good luck. life time warranty on a 1000 dollar car?
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The cars range from $4000-$30,000. Cars that have under 150k miles that we get in, my owner put a lifetime warranty on it for which he pay $1000 for per car.


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I don't know fam', sounds great but be real.
After a while things are going to slow down.

People are going to stop buying cars and then adding the fact that you want to do fix cars from past customers?

Talk about time consuming, they'd probably call you for any little reason.

Also, how would you keep up with the fact that they bought the car from you X amount of years ago?
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Selling cars is an up and down industry. Me personally I wouldnt make a career out of it. You are young my fam, you have a long time to figure out what you would like to do. Putting all your eggs in that used car selling business is risky. 
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I own a body shop here in SF and I'll tell you that it is possible I have a couple of customers that bring cars and we fix them just for they can sell it and if you have the skills to do it then why not??
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