*Yo this Wiz Khalifa Dude Got Some Squares in His Circle*

Joined Nov 11, 2004
Would u let your boy make a video with this quality
..w.t.f is this?

i dunno who his business managers are..but ill be damned if they doin a good job
after i saw the video for "say yeah" i was like what the hell is going on..he has to have a lil guap to make a much better video

i jus hate to see talent gon to waste..this dude don messed around and missed his boat

i just dont get it?
Joined Dec 26, 2003
Well, that's the first time I've heard anything from him ever...and I won't be wasting my time again. I knew I knew what I was doing.
Joined Jun 1, 2008
Video is wack besides the parts where he's chiefin'.
But the verse fly, and i @%@%# with Wiz.
Joined Sep 30, 2008
You never get a second chance to make a first impression and thats a lot of people first glimpse of dudes work (WSHH)....not a good look.

With all the absolute bangers on Fly School I don't even know why he put this track to video.

A video for Never Ever and he woulda been good $.
Joined Dec 25, 2008
I got the same exact white jacket this dude Wiz got.

If you listen to the video, is actually decent.

However, watching it...
Joined Feb 26, 2006
WIZ lost when he started to mimic Tygas whole style.. Son is good but he lacks originality and Charisma. Put the weed down and work on getting your situationstraight why Ns' filming music videos on they Iphones..
Joined Jun 29, 2002
Originally Posted by DatBoi23

WIZ lost when he started to mimic Tygas whole style.. Son is good but he lacks originality and Charisma. Put the weed down and work on getting your situation straight why Ns' filming music videos on they Iphones..

Damn. Tyga jacked his style so you know you F'd when you jack a dudes style who doesn't even have one. He even favors Tyga. Everytime I see this cat Ithink of Tyga. I don't know. Call me crazy but I kind of liked Say Yeah. Actually I did like it.
Joined Nov 11, 2004
nah no shots fired..ima supporter of dude..i jus dont understand why the kid isnt big right now *pause*
Joined Mar 11, 2001
I think his chance to really blow already passed. Say Yeah was a huge record that could've been parlayed into continued success. I think he'll staystuck in that already over saturated "hypebeast" scene, for the lack of a better term, along with the likes of The Cool Kids.
Joined Jan 7, 2003
I mess wit Wiz but you can see how he bit Drakes style on Flight School and now he shoutin him out.
But I dont see whats so wrong wit the video. Its not like it was made for TV.
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Originally Posted by Mr Subliminals

its a tweet style video...thats all..just a freestyle him and a couple artist do thru twitter
Yeah, it's just a basic mixtape freestyle right? I understand why its got such a low budget for this vid.
Joined Mar 5, 2008
dudes image/marketin is trash. his techno track coulda established dude but video was beyondd corny. :/
Joined Dec 14, 2001
i dont think it was that bad. i think it goes along with his DayToday's he does on twitter. Just him filming himself.
I read somewhere that tomorrow they have some videos for ink my whole body coming out. Now i think that would be a better judge on Wiz and his videos.
Joined Jun 3, 2007
no the question is would you make a song that bad yourself? His flow is horrid on this joint, I like Wiz also, and his punchlines aren't hot at all.
Joined Jun 5, 2004
his flow and voice reminds me of Wale.

Btw...did he take a jab at Tyga with the "tiger shrimp" reference? Or am i reaching?
Joined Nov 20, 2007
Originally Posted by DAYTONA 5000

Originally Posted by mextra45

Dude looks just like that Tyga bamma
I don't see the point of all those tats when you skinny as hail
So being fat as the Blob and having a lot of tats has some point? I don't get some of yall dudes and your comments about the next man'sappearance. Furthermore, it's been confirmed that Wiz had them tats before Tyga but what does that even matter when we're talking about hip hop music?
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