You hit the lottery today, What do you do?

Joined Aug 31, 2006
Say you win roughly 3 million dollars after taxes playing the lottery,

What specific things would you do with it?

Joined Apr 4, 2007
This question has been asked SO many times.
Cop an EVO IX MR.
Mod it.
Spend whatever I have left on a house.
Joined May 15, 2005
To start things off I'll have dime pieces feed me cold grapes while I day dream about how to spend $.


Joined Sep 27, 2002
Stay alive and sane. Lottery winners either die or go crazy. I would probably stay in the hood and do what I do already just in a bigger way.
Joined May 9, 2007
id try my hardest not to let anybody know, since people assume that i stay with money anyway it shouldt be too hard

if i had 3 million i would

pay off financial aid.

pay for summer school, my 2 sisters college, pay college for my cousin, buy something to eat that i can chew cuz im tired of eatin instant noodles.

buy my best friend a house, nothing expensive, but he needs a place to live. he lives in 1 room that he shares with 3 other people. that aint right.

buy my other boy a bed cuz he doesnt have a mattress to sleep on.

buy my uncle a house cuz soon he's gonna need a place to stay, again nothing expensive but something he can call his own that he dont have to worry aboutpayin for.

there isnt really much i want for myself, most of the things i want in life cannon be obtained with money.
Joined Jan 4, 2008
Buy a nice 3 - 4000 sq ft. home and throw a huge housewarming party. Then travel to all the places I've never been and wish to go, like Costa Rica, Italy,Japan, New Zealand , Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, and Egypt with my family.
Joined Sep 11, 2004
buy a house and a nice car and try to make good use of the rest for every day living
not spending it on women
Joined Oct 9, 2008
Buy a nice million dollar house
Aston Martin DBS + Mercedes Benz S600
Invest invest invest
Joined Nov 5, 2005
1) Pay my grandmas house off
2) Buy my mom a house
3) Pay off my college debt
4) Invest some of the money into various things
5) Purchase my own studion
6) Buy a range rover
Joined Sep 16, 2003
1. Move to Cali and buy 5 pounds of every medicinal strain I coudl get my hands on and disappear for 2 years.
2. Come back a hippie


formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
buy my momma a house, by me a house and a acura TL (try and stay modest) put most away in the bank and invest some, try and stay in the miltary (they wouldproabably discharge me) and retire.


Joined Nov 29, 2007
Move into Trump in Stamford CT. Get 2 new audi A4s, black one for me, white one for her. Continue on with normal life an goals.
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Pay off debts.
Pay for my next two years of college.
Buy a house.
Buy a car.
Give some to my family.
Save/invest the rest.
Frequently travel for the rest of my life.
Propose to this one chick?
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