You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

Joined Oct 3, 2011
People that don't finish their drinks (i.e. leave alcohol or beer cans/bottles half full). Like what you start drinking it for if you can't handle it? **** makes me beyond livid 



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Joined Oct 13, 2012
when your waitress comes to your table and you have food in your mouth when she asks if everything is okay, then everyone says yea and she leaves but you have an empty cup of Dr. Pepper and you give everyone the bert stare.
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This seems to always happens when friends are over and it's starting to legit grinds my gears. Sometime you even have dude's leaving around half a glass full when they leave :stoneface: ,like why ask for something to drink when you're not even gonna finish it?

It happens so often that I've started not letting them leave till they finish their glasses :lol:
This gets me so mad, because I'm sure as hell not about to drink after them, so I have no choice but to waste that perfectly good drink :smh:
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-when people use the word 'sick' in reference to something cool

-when people don't use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in texts

-when people box up, or ask for a box, when they only have like two spoonfuls of food left. i work in a restaurant, so i get asked  to box up 1/4 of a breadstick or a scoop of pasta all the time. drives me crazy


Joined Sep 10, 2012
"I'll pay you back soon mayne, haven't got my check yet"

*sees FB/IG posts with money in hand*
no whats worst is when pl owe you...and you ask for your money and they get an attitude and try to flip the script on you...

Like man I said I got you... Iuno why you trippen...remember that time I loaned you money, did you a favor, hooked you up...etc..

And you be like yeah ok and I paid you back etc... Or if they bring up something they volunteeringly did for you and bring that up on some remember I had did this for you and this is how you wanna act.

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Y'all ever try to get a nice amount of toothpaste on your toothbrush, and you dont wanna just put the tube on your toothbrush, so you hold it about 2-3 inches from your toothbrush, and it just BARELY misses???????????

**** makes me want to destroy the planet >:
Joined Oct 7, 2012
when employees at the store look at you like you gonna steal something
. ive been getting my money up i dont need to steal anything
Joined Jan 10, 2013
^^Son that **** pmo so bad esp if one of them is tryna follow me I start low key power walking around the store all shady while they tryna keep up


Joined May 21, 2013
You know what grinds my gears...

The 'I disagree with one point you made, therefore everything else you say ever is stupid'

First. Logic is flawed, me being wrong on a fact about dogs has nothing to do with my knowledge of cats.

Second. Just because you said/do something objectionable, doesn't mean you can never say something profound. Are all men not created equal because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves?
Joined Oct 3, 2011
When there's an open lane to turn right, but the idiot in front of me waits until there's no cars at all
Joined Mar 1, 2009
When someone cancels plans last minute.

opening day here in detroit. My friend and I planned on goin downtown, meetin up with friends, buying tickets from a scalper and catch the game. Well my buddy just sent me a text saying he wasn't feeling it now.

I work midnights, just got out of work a few hours ago. I been drinking(he said hes DD) or else id drive down there. Not too mention I took a vacation day from work for tonight. :x
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