Young Scooter & Zaytoven - Zay Street

Joined May 11, 2017
there is someone who took scooters lane i just cant put my finger on a name

its some joints on here tho
Joined May 11, 2017
Young Dolph maybe?? I feel like there's more though.
That is exactly who I had in mind.

He def took that lane of just slick money/trap talk. In addition to Scooter voluntarily falling back to participate in his own extracurricular activity lol.

But with this tape being kinda nice I feel like they can both coexist.
Joined May 11, 2017
Nah but we definitely deserved Humble Haitian instead of Ralo as far as trap falsetto n****s who cant sing. Ralo just hustled harder.

they really gotta fix the filters on the profanity i feel like imma get caught slipping lol.
Joined Dec 4, 2012
Juice essentially was in a better place than Scooter could ever be. Dude was on a couple ppls albums and even had a big enough hit to drop his own album.

Dude drops at least two tapes a year, the work ethic is there. Besides maybe a street album how big yall expect him to get?

S/o Humble Haitian


formerly convertibleburt
Joined Apr 14, 2016
The intro could've been legendary he should've rapped more on it
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