Your Boys STEALING Your Stuff Unappreciation Vol. Stealth

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So my boy that I've known since 2nd grade (We're now 19) has been staying at my house for the last 2 weeks because of some family problems he'sbeen dealing with. I'd consider him my best friend because bro's always been my right hand man and sh*t.

So anyways, I get back from balling yesterday for a solid 3 hours and get out of the shower only to realize that my Lacoste Red Cologne is missing. I only have3 DAMN colognes and they're always right next to eachother. So I'm like %%@... I know my colognes don't walk by themselves. This is the point whereI start thinking I mighta misplaced it. And I smoke a lot of weed so this is also the point where I start doubting my ability to remember where I might haveplaced it. But then I realize every time I put my cologne on I just spray it and put it right back.

So I walk up to my boy:

Me: Yo Bro, have you seen my Red Lacoste cologne?
Him: Your what?
Me: (Frustrated and suspicious) My RED LACOSTE COLOGNE dude...
Him: Oh naw man...

So I decide to pull a little Sherlock Holmes jumpoff and walk outside to his car and give it a little peek...

WHAT THE FU*K DO YOU KNOW? THERE'S A NICE FULL BOTTLE OF MY DAMN COLOGNE IN HIS BACK SEAT.... guess he musta gone on the sneak tip while I wasballin'... but didn't realize i only have 3 DAMN COLOGNES and I probably would notice if one was missing...

So I confront my n*g and tell him he's a fkin liar and he's like " Oh, Damn I forgot man. My bad" yea right....

My boy tho? %%@....


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ive "noticed" %%%@ missing from my house before but i dont sweat it cuz it wasnt ever that serious ... i just know what type of person they are andknow who to trust when %%%@ comes down to it ....
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Originally Posted by JaYzNyAyAlLdAy

For you little girly men...I'll edit the title. Ya'll some hos
What the hell does your name even say? Looking like you made that username when you were a 15-year-old girl.
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Originally Posted by JaYzNyAyAlLdAy

For you little girly men...I'll edit the title. Ya'll some hos

Well you're the one who has people taking food from your plate and still referring to them as your "boys". Commit that.
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My house used to be the house where all the homies come by and we would play xbox and and watch movies. well i once pulled my rarest yugioh card from a boosterpack and i framed it in my room. when i woke up the next morning, i found out that my Black Skull Dragon was gone with the frame still in my room. I waspissed. I saw the kid that stole it at lunch the next day and socked him in his mouth. He approached me after school and apologized and tried to give me thecard back. I was pissed but i just took my card and walked away.


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your friends suck. lol
I keep a tight circle, never had to worry about gettin got by the team.
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Originally Posted by airboy23

he seems like a future liability
Yep, I've known a couple people like that.. they're not going to stop. it just gets worst.
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