Your current TOP 3 in the local market. Post away!

1. accel cagiua (sp?)
2. starbury
3. the new shaq shoes...

what you all think? agree?? :rofl:
^ I totally forgot about the V-flys. How's your pair holding up? I'm tempted to get a pair. I'd give it an 8 in the dopeness meter.

It feels great. It feels cool especially when you're in the car with feet aircon, plus its very comfy. I've been wearing it straight for a week for 10+ hours a day and my feet never hurt, just like I do with my AMs. Its similar to the Nike Free tech.

Plus you'd see people look at your feet.
Think of all the possibilities.
1. White/Red Air Max 360 runners

2. Converse Weapon 20th Anniversary retros (Magic and Bird colorways)

3. Air Max 97 (Rejuvenation Pack)
a little blue and beige doesn't hurt! :rofl:
actually.. i still want my seamless af1s... but... no where to get them... cough cough! i want the patent black... yes KC you heard me.. black!
What does the accel cagioua look like? Sinubokang kong I-google, but nothing came up. Can anyone show me a pic? Gusto kong makita kong gaano kapangit! haha
mber No.32[/b]​
^ actually, in terms of looks... it kinda looks like the earlier AND1 models... its not really ugly... just nothing for performance wise? i got no idea... i see some people here in the phils actually sport it playing bball... and i don't mean like canto boys or anything.
siguro nga sadikmac, pero gusto ko talagang makita! haha how much is it over there
mber No.32[/b]​
top 3 in the market today aka the shoes i'd buy if i had money:
1. XXI low
2. am360 running all-white
3. adidas lyte speed GCS
can i list 5?
1.flint VII's (theyre sooo effin' hot)

2.af1 lebrons(alitel loud,pero wud cop&rock most def)

3. Blue lebron 3's(best colorway IMO)

4. Laser 2k4's

5. air max 97 rejuv
1. stan smith vintage green
2. stan smith vintage blue
3. jordan mv23
Sellin DS size 10:
Original Jordan Trunner (white/red/black)
XX 3/4
XX (first colorway)
Philippine buyer only PM me
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