'Your N---- Ain't No Mack 10, He's a 22': Lets Reflect Back

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People are so stuck up on all of this in the streets and credibility type @#%$.

Why do you even have to be in the streets? You dont!

Ice Cube is a good actor when it comes to the movies, he does a great job. What does making movies have to do with it? :lol:

Also, I do not know if Common was scared to perform it at the HOB but he performed the song there anyways.

Common is a great lyricist and alot of rappers still cant mess with him.

Cube and Common are both great emcees however Common definitely won imo.
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" I'm raw ... hustlas get your baking soda ... "

But ... but ... I don't think he should .
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I heard a ho say,
you her favorite rapper,
so I had to slap her,[hr][/hr]
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funniest rap quote ever made by someone I forget ni a old VH1 special about NWA

"when I was growin up wishin to be a rappers I used to be so scared Ice Cube, I used to think he would come to my house and kill my family. Now he makes movies my son loves'

be all end all I dunno if cube was some super thug, but he made good music grew up and now makes profitable movies, its just business
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