Your View on Cheating vol.Need NTer's help for an assignment !!

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I was up writing an essay when i forgot i had an assignment due for my college English class, which requires me to interview 6-8 people about the topic cheating. Being up at 2 am, I figured I don't know enough people up to interview physically, so what better place than to come to Niketalk? I know theres a good amount of NT night owls, so I would really appreciate it if you guys can please help me out by posting your response to these 5 simple questions. Thanks a lot in advance NT. Oh and please please try to avoid responding with one word answers. Here are the 5 questions.

a) If you were in school and saw someone cheating (or knew s/he was cheating) would you "turn-in" the cheater?

b) Would you confront the cheater personally?

c) If you would do neither to a cheater in school are there other cheating situations where you would either "turn-in" or personally confront the cheater (Work? Relationships? Church? Anywhere else?)
d) Is there is a difference between what you'd do about a cheater in school and a cheater in another situation?
e) If so, what explain the difference?

Thanks guys 
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