Youtube wants to pay me to post videos Vol. Anyone else get this?

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Checked my email today. Here's what it read..

[h2]Dear reggie414,[/h2]
Your YouTube account reggie414 might be eligible to earn revenue from the playbacks of your videos.

Making money from your videos is easy. Here's how it works: First sign into your YouTube account. Then review and complete the steps outlined here:

If your account is enabled, we may place ads next to the videos you submit for monetization. You will earn a share of the revenue from the ads as long as you meet the program requirements.

Thanks and good luck!

The YouTube Team

got a second email after following the steps.

here's a snippet of it

Congratulations! Your Google AdSense application has been approved, and you can now begin earning from your YouTube videos.  Going forward, you’ll be able to track your YouTube revenue and payments in your AdSense account.*
Im completely clueless if this is legit or not but if it is
. Plan to make trolling videos.
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It is. I got it for one of mine then they cancelled me from the program because they say I didn't provide sufficient proof that I own the footage in the video
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Just post a lot of good videos. Easier said than done, but I swear 98% of youtube's videos are terrible 
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just pop in reggie414 when you go to youtube

i think homie got a vid playing a piano.


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Originally Posted by StonedFace

I just got fired from my job a month ago too. Where do I start NT FAM!?

By looking for another job.

Find dudes fighting out in the hood, those get millions of views.
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You didn't know?  The more subscribers you have, the more $$$$ you get.  You can only imagine what those YouTube stars get with their 1+ million subscribers.  They're most definitely living comfortably right now.  
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Originally Posted by 10 Piece Nuggets

You never heard of this?
Why you think theres so many "youtube stars". Dudes is getting paid.
some are getting paid...most have other jobs.

with so many people doing the same thing, finding the right content, shooting and editing it's not as easy as it looks
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How much $ can you make off of that?

I got one of those messages last week, but didn't do anything with it.


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-battle those pick up guys

-call out anyone and video challenge them... "oh your not about that life... meet me in real life" *record and profit

-troll the world and record

-create a fake fighting video where it looks like someone dies

-hire some fine hookers and do a booty shaking video.... better yet, get some strippers and fluffl your story up, tell them that your a youtube employee and that your making a booty shaking video.....they are attention horses so its gold

Share the profits with me
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you dont get much but you need a lot of hits/subscribers to actually have some decent pocket money.
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