ZOOLANDER 2 IN THE WORKS(co staring Jonah Hill)

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first off i found this link of a different website so idk how credible the link is, but i figured it anyways..

one of my favorite comedies...

Derek Zoolander will be pushed aside no longer! Blue Steel cannot be contained! After many years of Ben Stiller saying he would go back to the world of Zoolander, it never came to be ... until now: Deadline Hollywood reports that Paramount and Stiller are teaming up for a PG-13 Zoolander 2. And as much as I've expressed my trepidation in 2006 and 2008, they've gone and grabbed the one man who will make me see it. The Evil DJ -- otherwise known as Justin Theroux -- will write and direct the sequel.

Nikki Finke writes: "I've learned that Ben and Justin are working onthe script together, and Theroux is going to Fashion Week in Paris to'immerse himself on what is current in fashion.'" Of course, OwenWilson is an essential part of the mix, but he hasn't made a deal yet.(Is there any chance he wouldn't? Could he possibly take on Marmaduke and not do this sequel?) And, while Hansel isn't in yet, it appears that Jonah Hill -- Mr. Appear in Every Comedy -- is in negotiations to play the villain, seemingly elbowing aside our beloved Mugatu.

But the big question is how well can a sequel do? The original came outonly a few weeks after September 11, didn't do so well, and thenexploded on DVD. Can anything stand in Derek Zoolander's way this time?And what do you think of the group thus far? I can't wait to see whatTheroux brings to the table, but do we really need Jonah Hill in themix? Gah. Sound off below!



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Can't wait, Theroux co-wrote Tropic Thunder with Stiller so he should be able to handle directing this sequel.

Jonah Hill would be a great addition, and I really hope Owen Wilson can sign on as well.
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^Whatever this may mean...

Owen Wilson is an essential part of the mix, but he hasn't made a deal yet.


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Originally Posted by damnitzvin

is owen wilson in this?
Maybe try reading the article that the OP posted?

... iit's 2010, is Hansel still so hot right now?
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1st one not being out on blu-ray.

and zoolander wouldn't have been what it was without jacobim mugatu.
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This news was posted today: http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=63629

"Stiller confirmed sequel plans. "We are in the process of getting a script written. It's in the early stages, but it's gonna happen."

He added: "We have a new story idea that we feel excited about and we're going to try to go forward. The beginning of the movie is [set]... 10 years later, and Derek & Hansel are literally forgotten. Nobody even knows who they are, so they have to re-invent themselves."

Stiller said that Will Ferrell's Mugatu would be back, if the actor is up for it. "If Will says yes, he definitely has to be a part of it. To me, Mugatu is one of the classic screen villains of all time.""
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Originally Posted by MOSTHATED770

Originally Posted by StackJaxx

jonah hill.
this is gonna suck. why they gotta throw this fat #+% in there?
you crazy? dude is funny as @%$%...
he works in the right movies. but this aint his flick. i just gotta bad feeling. i feel dude's work (pause), but this isnt the role for him.

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I might be in the minority, but my favorite quote from the first one is right before they have their Walk-Off, Billy Zane tries to talk to Derek and Hansel says "Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool guy"

I don't know why but I laugh hysterically at that line every time
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i cant wait... zoolander is one of the funniest movies ive ever seen...

matter fact imma go "rent" it right now...
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