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I walk in my A I R M A X through the valley of the shadow of death
What do you think the diamond ct. weight is on this?
Do you think the case could be made with approx 15-20 grams of gold?
what do you think a ballpark on this would be?


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Honestly I would say by the picture looks like 5-7 cararts of diamonds. 20 grams would probably make a thick enough case. I would have to know the exact model to make the correct case. Price really depends on if 10k or 14K and diamond quality. Personally on watches like this I would go with CVD better quality and bang for you buck
Hey I have the same issue with my off white af1 the payment went through and it came out of my account but I got no email confirmation and off white doesn’t know, did u receive urs?

peace bro. This is from my teacher. It talks about the relation between man and women. It’s from a 4 part series. I’d recommend the whole thing if you have time
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