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*****Official Cardinal VII and Flint Grey VII Post******* - Page 60

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They fell comfortable,can't wait for the citrus.When do they comeout?
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im really short on cash you guys think either of these will be around in about a month at footlocker/fooatcion/champs?
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^^^^^^ im feelin that match with the jersey, you should just put black laces in them and they'd be perfect.
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probadly only if in a limited amount of sizes.
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any1 got sum size 11 or 11.5 Cardinals????????
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copped this shirt to go w/ the Cards
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nice,What baseball and football jersey matches the carminals.
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We rep da BAY
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I have flint VII's size 10.5
get at me!
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Finishline is the worst online site to order from. We don't even have an online warehouse! I just cancelled 4 orders today for the Flints. We sold out our 36 pair on saturday, so I have no idea why the orders get routed to our store! Ultimately is screws you guys over because after I "no stock" the item the order goes to another store. That's why some of you have been waiting for days and it still says "processing".

It sounds like many of you have no idea how FinishLine processes your orders. Here is the process simplified.....

1. You place your order at 11:59 on Friday for the Flints.
2. The order is electronically routed to the first store with stock onhand. (store # 01 to
whatever, in numerical order.
3. Let's say that store #31 in Kalamazoo, Mi gets the order. It sits in the computer until
around 10am Saturday morning when an employee prints all the "send sales" out.
Now we can stop right there because FinishLine opened at 9am to sell them. YOu know they were all gone by 10am, so your order gets no stocked, which means it is electronically sent to the next store for possible fulfillment. Good luck with that!

You're somewhat wrong, homie. Let me clarify something for everyone.

Ever since the Jordan Bullets Swingman fiasco, Finish Line DOES NOT fulfill new releases through stores. They DO have an online warehouse. I don't know what went wrong with the Flints. This is the first new release I've seen since the Bullets Swingman to go to stores for fulfillment. Obviously, somewhere the company messed up. Too bad it was with the Flints, and not with something like the XIVs that a lot of people still have tons of sitting in their stockrooms. It is not until about a week after the release date that the order starts going to stores. Also, another thing to clear up. When you order something, it DOES NOT go in store order from #1 on down. Your order first goes to the store closest to your home that has your product. I fulfill orders all the time from people that've ordered online, and live right down the street from the store. And I've also fulfilled orders for people that live in Cali (my store is on the east coast).

Oh yeah, to the person still canceling orders for the Flints a week later, you need to check your inventory because maybe you're missing a pair. This far after the release date, everything should be accurate now. I received a bunch of orders for Flints size 7.5, because that's the only size left in my store.

BTW, if anyone wants to question my credentials and how I know this, I've been a manager with Finish Line for 4 years now.
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yes that is exacly how the process works. my friend is a manager at a f/line in massachusetts. i was going in the store for free shipping and ordering there. running all kind of jordan style numbers through the system. got lucky a few times. the customer service had gotten better lately but with the flints it was a mess.

repping the red sox/pats
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My two pairs are coming next week. I can't wait to rock them if the weather is right in SoCal:rolleyes
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My pair finally came from eastbay... and on the little eastbay sticker they put on the shoes box, it says "too many" in pen



too many what???
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^^^too many damn people are rockin these shoes, keep them on ice for 2 years bro


He who dies with the most shoes, STILL DIES
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so what
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went and grabbed some fitted shirts for my flints, lovin them.
We rep da BAY
We don't rep California!!! - Turf Talk

I have flint VII's size 10.5
get at me!
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Hey guys, sorry if this has already been asked, but did both the flints and cardinals come with a retro card? I got my cardinals today from and I didn't get a retro card. Can anyone shed some light on this? I don't have time to scan 90 pages. Thanks in advance.
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yea they both come with retro cards
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For those of you questioning about orders. They get sent from the store closest to your address that has two or more pairs of the same size shoes you ordered. Also those saying that they didn't have a stack of these set aside for .com orders - you are wrong. Mine came from -

Finish Line Online
3306 N. Mitthoeffer Road
Indianapolis, IN 46235

This happens to be the company that I work for. That address also happens to be the distribution center and our headquarters. Hope that clears some stuff up for you guys.

By the way...I LOVE my flint VII's!!!!!!!!
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Want to be debt free? Start here...
"You are the sum of your efforts." #hardwork
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Here is my latest pickup from Eastbay: (I am glad they arrived today)


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Ya my order still says processing on for my Cardinals >: I hate having to order from them.
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a miami heat jersey or shirt matches the cards to a T....even has the Bronze
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a throwback brock cardinals jersey matches the cardinals. on citas.

game recognize game
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yea that chicago jersey goes well with the cardinals
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Not sure if its been posted but Eastbay has a couple of new shirts of these VII's.
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Jordan socks make any pair of Jordans look even better. I am looking for some socks for my Cards as we speak.

eBay: earsellf
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^I thought I was the only one. Eastbay/FootLocker will have something for you...
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I wish i would have copped a pair of i regret it:( ....

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^^^ u still can, there still available in a lot of place for retail
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Jordan socks make any pair of Jordans look even better.

Co sign to that.
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