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^^^^04/08/2006 Air Jordan XXI
313511-001 Black/Flint Grey-White
i think these are it, these look:hat along with white uni/blue and black bottom joints.
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They wont go on sale. They'll be gone soon trust me, especially the red one's they are more limited. My Champs store only has a few of each size of the red ones

Are you freakin' kidding me? :lol

No new Jordan release ever sells out. When you kids were running rampant because the QS 20s dropped, thinking they were "limited" because JB said so, I just waited for them to drop on sale for 99.99 (some places even had em for lower).

I figure you guys would learn your lesson by now.
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I saw some fakes last night at our basketball tournament that was a hot colorway. after our game when everyone was leaving, I saw some dude wearing blk/wht/red ones. they were the complete opposite of the ones dropping today. upper was black, grill was white, detailing was red. The Playoff XX1's.

EDIT-not actually the grill, but the side part that looks like the grill of a Bentley

anyway, copped mine this morning for $122.50. might go pick up another pair of the white colorway b/c I'm not really feeling the reds
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the ones you are talking about are the black mids. all black upper with a grey grill. the grey suedes come out in May I think. just check the release dates post
That's Jeezy, if that matters

If you have any 11.5-13 shoes (especially Jordan) for sale, email me at
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^^blk/red 16s sold out, well atleast in my area
Like i said before, if they retroed the shoe the same exact way it's all good in my book, i dont care i rather them retro them the same way this way todays generation can get an idea of what it is to own an exact replica of an og. What counts is the date inside the shoe. Also, i dont collect for "value" to hell with value. If this is the reason that those who have og's dont want exact replicas because of og value decrease, then your into this sneaker culture for money and for obvious wrong reasons. To hell with value.OGs will always hold their value.-BIGBEN1986
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Judging by the fact that none of the major sites are out of any size yet, I'm guessing these are going to be like many of the recent releases. Prices should drop.
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Caught one of my local spots slippin.... so i went ahead and copped the Red Suede XXI too.

I want another pair to play ball in. These Jordan are so comfortable with the black heel inserts.

What's a sneaker boutique?

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Those people camping out were probably doing so at Blades for the Hawaiis SBs that dropped yesterday/today. If they are camping out for the XXIs when they could sit in their crib with a credit card and hit a few buttons and get them that way they are rather stupid.
Love the shoe game.
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juss copped today....easily one of the most comfortable jays...havent taken them off since
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Wat comes in the bag?
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i just got mine at shiekhs in valencia ca the manager sold them to me for 150 i guess cuz i buy lots from there also he told we to come in wed and he would sell me the red ones. also how in the world do you use the pods. the description makes zero sense
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ima get the white/black next month(hope the price has droped by then).i got to save up a little bit more money and i want to see how the xxi that come out june 3rd look.
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I just got mine today in the white colourway form Niketown in London. They also had the kobe all-stars there and the Lebron white/navys for anyone that was intrested. Playing in them tonight, just really love the feel of them and the old-school-new-tech way about them. One thing I just had to do though was change the laces. There just to red for me. I took out the white laces from my jordan 18's and put them in and they look alot cleaner. I'll try and take some pictures later. Great shoe so far just can't wait to play in them!
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^^^^ damn, VALENCIA SHEIK actually treated a customer good??? wow. when i lived in valencia (moved from there in 2005), they were pricks. that's cool.

anyway, i LOVE the xxi's. just got myself and my step-daughter our pairs. my ONLY gripes about the xxi's... the boxes get larger every year AND no newborn sizes. my baby girl can't have the xxi's so she has to settle for 4 sets of jordan booties instead.

as usual JB, you have done a good job. can't wait for the suedes.
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also how in the world do you use the pods. the description makes zero sense

lift up your insole ( inside ths shoe ) and push the pod out through your outsole... the large clear circle and rinse wash repeat.
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My size 7 has a different box and everything..

Just copped at my local Footlocker. So you know I have to tell you guys the story.

I got a Eastbay book or whatever a good week ago and I saw the XXI's. It said OG version-2/18.06, and the Red suedes-2/25/06. So I'm ready to cop the 25th..:lol

So last night, something made me come to this thread. And here yall are telling me they come out the 18th. I'm like ":eek " cause I thought I was going to cop the RedSuedes today. WRONG. So I'm telling my mom everything like, "mom, they drop today."

So I wake up like 8:15 and shes on some website..:lol With the 21 renderings on it. She like "are these it?" and I try to explain it to her.

So she leaves go run some errands and whatever, I watched a movie or whatever. She calls at 10:30 on some, Footlocker said they only have one size 7 left. And they're holding it for you. So I got dressed the quickest I have ever got dressed in my life. Walked up in Footlocker. I'm like, "I need that size 7 XXI." he like, "we sold out". i'm looking like no no no no no no. I said "my mom called you and you said were going to hold them." he asked me the name, i told him. he pulled them out, i tried them on, charged it, then I was out.

Yo. They SOLD OUT. I didn't think they were going to.

If you haven't copped, go do so. You will regret it.
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HUGE difference between paying 175 for some reebok looking shoes when they come out
and paying like 90 8 or 9 months later....
same difference, I just don't buy into the hype
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LadyExpensive - where you live? Just curious where these things actually sold out.
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I have to get me a pair of those they are too hott to pass
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anyone seen any red laces bleeding on the white black red xxi's?

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Picked up my pair. The shoes run BIG! had to go down to a 7.5 even though I wear an 8.0 :( .... Shoes feel really tight but in a good way. Def. comfy and i'll have to take these babys on the hardwood. Oh well still had to pay 175 for em. Just a word to the wise, if you're gonna pick them up go a half size smaller.

Which of the 2 pods are you guys using?
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"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

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I got to Finishline @ 9am this morning and there was only 1 guy waiting to cop XXI's. I bought a pair (with the matching shorts) and headed straight to the gym to run some pick-up ball. I'm not a HUGE fan of the way the shoe's rather plain for my taste but when you put them on and step on a court and start to play you will become a HUGE fan of this shoe. Simply amazing..that's all I can say...I haven't tried the black pods yet but I ran 3 pick-up games with the red ones in and it's hard to believe a shoe can have so much impact protection and still give great court feel. I can't remember the last shoe I had that performed this good. I didn't play as long and I normally do on Sat. morning because of a knee injury. However, during the 3 games I played - I didn't notice any significant heat build-up. I also went a half size smaller after trying on my normal size 12, it was easy to tell there was too much room to get a nice snug locked down fit. Tried on some 11.5s and they fit perfect.

Do I think the shoe is worth $175? In my opinion ...NO! But if you want the best performing basketball shoe out right now and you can't get any kind of discount or hook up then you'll have to drop $175 to have the best.

::deposits 2 cents::
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So some of you are saying the red suede will eventually fade? I do not want to pay 175, and have them eventually fade...
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I went to niketown NY for the first time. Its a preety nice place. Anyway I picked up a size 9. I saw a couple others in niketown actually wearing there xx1s and other people buying multiple pairs. This was around 12pm. The xx1s do run a half size big. I wear a size 9 but guess I should have bought a 8.5. The black pod is extremely comfortable. Better than the red. Also I noticed if u stare at an angle where the message is located u could actually notice there is a paragraph hidden. 1 more thing. If u push in the 23 it will snap in and out like a joint. Great pick up for my collection. Also my first og pick up on release date. They're great.:smokin
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I been sittn on a pr. for a week now. I love these so much I doubled on them. I had to get another pr. this morning. These are great Bball shoes, gonna hoop in them till they got holes in da soles.
1 pr. of Red XXIs next week and then I'm good. The people who sleep on these will regret it.
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do the white XX1's say authentic on the back of the tounge or just a backwards G? also, has anyone done the blacklight test?

the Black light message for the Red suede is on the back of the tongue flap.

Just FYI...
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thanks Rock!!!

gonna try it out ASAP.
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By the way, I just got that xxi advertisment in the mail. (The folding card) did anyone else get it in the mail.
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juss copped my white pair .. they pretty much fiya

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the Black light message for the Red suede is on the back of the tongue flap.

ohhhhhh i want to see pics!
"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

"Dudes on NT made it out like she was Mewtwo and kept throwing their Pokéballs at her"

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