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they will be too big man^^
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keep spraying them with water/stain-proofer and they should remain bright
That's Jeezy, if that matters

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Strange we haven't seen better pics of the black/silver ones.

I took the time to read Proffessor K's review of the XXI in this month's Sole Collector. I though every point he made was exactly what I thought when I played in my white/red XXIs. The major downside is how hot the inside of this shoe gets. I was also glad to see that the review didn't kiss this shoe's @#%$, K also talked about how the interchangeable pods is probably more of a tech. gimmick than a necessity. It's true I mean the tiny little surface of air you get won't give you much of a difference in feel between the zoom and the regular air. But hey the shoe is still the best in the last six years.

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I was at work (champs) and i took a drink of my orange soda and it almost fell but i grabbed it but a lil dot got on my red suedes. im pretty upset is there any way to get it off?
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those Gray/Caro XXI are they scrapped or what? Info plz.

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"Nothing is wrong with letting the girls know that you're money, and you wanna party"
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Try a little bit of woolite and cold water.
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First let me say that the XXI's are one of the BEST "Air Jordan" shoes of ALL TIME. In terms of style, comfort, performance....I can't think of a better Jordan shoe EVER.

IMO the Jordan line started to go down hill after the XIII's (last time I bought a non-retro J) and I'm very pleased that the design has gone back to simple/classic form that defined the Air Jordan legacy.

The XIX and XX model were complete TRASH did not deserve the Jordan name or Jumpman logo on them. All I can say is that I'm glad that all the BS gimmicks (straps, lasering, patent leather, lace covers, etc.) are NOWHERE to be seen on the latest model. That's one of the reason's why I decided to purchase the XXIs.


XIX, XX = PURE TRASH!!! :rolleyes
XXI = :hat
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got the whites when they dropped. passed on the reds. lookin' forward to coppin' those black suede joints. so many j's, so little time.
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Air Jordan XXI = On the otha level !!!
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anyone know if they made kids sizes in the red suede ones? i see some on ebay and want to know if they legit...
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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Welcome to niketalk and keep on rockin and not deadstocking

i must say, i wholeheartedly agree w/ this statement 8)
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yes this is true
and i have to say that this maybe the first time i have ever bought all the colorways of just one shoe. i love the xxi!!!!!!
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Theyll be too big. BUT - its your dime.

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Who has that XXI shirt and what does it say under UV/Blacklight???? To you guys who actually want the shirt, your local champs sports has it, atleast mine does.
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So the gray ones drop when?
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The Air Jordan XXI's are straight FIRE!!! They are really cool. Also, I'd like to know how to take care of the suede part of the shoe. I don't want it to fade.
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DAng mine just came in today from finishline and the shoe looks amazing but feels average the 10's are still the best ballin shoes. I got the reds man they lookin good though staight fire i was not even going to cop these bought missed out on the 7's so this was the next best thing. not as happy though all the pods inserts
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The Red Suedes definitely run big! I got a sz 10, and they fit like a 10.5.
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wow, you guys must have really narrow sweaty feet because these fit true to size for me.
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i'm a size 10 and the red suede fit true to size as well.

prior to buying my size 10 tried 9.5 and that was too small
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the air bag is so thin!

Kung gusto mo bilhin mo!
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i copped the white ones and was not gonna get the reds. saw the reds in person the next day..and HAD to get them..i'm in love with the red joints:hat
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^^ Wow...I'm really disappointed in how thin that air bag is. Really makes me think that the whole air bag vs. zoom air customization is just another gimmick.:rolleyes
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I got the red ones and I am swimming in my usually size 12. I should have bought a 1/2 size down. :-(
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I can totally feel a difference in the pods, but I was a lil upset when I saw how thin the air sole was. It's nothin.
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Can we get a poll on how your XXI fit? True to size, or half size down? Please specify color.
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Like everyone else is saying, it fits half size big for me. Oh well, they feel fine and I'll eventually grow into them.
I'm confuddled by this whole situation...

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:D My girl went and got them for me while i was working. I got the 10.5 even thogh i wear a 11. :eek they fit just right ( i'm fat ):rollin and looked amazing. im so happy cause my boy lent me the money to buy them.
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