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To the people that complain about the price of Jordans every year:


It's not like Jordans suddenly became over priced. They've ALWAYS been over priced. Deep down, whether you want to admit it or not, that's part of the appeal. When adjusted for inflation, the XXI being priced at $175 in 2006 is actually cheaper than the XIII being priced at $150 in 1997.

The Air Jordan V cost $125 in 1990. What cost $125 in 1990 would cost over $185 today.

I'm not saying that you should spend $175 on a pair of sneakers, I realize it's absurd. But the entire Jordan phenomena is absurd and if spending $175 on a pair of sneakers is not something you'd ever be interested in doing, why spend time on a message board devoted to Air Jordans?

Mister Saint Laurent
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to those who have the shoes already, do they fit true to size?
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I cannot wait for the Red XXI...

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I will have both XXI next Saturday.......
What's a sneaker boutique?

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pickyourshoes server is crashing fast :rollin
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I'm still on the fence. Some1 post the dopest pic of the White/Black/Red and Red Suedes to "Suede me" into copping :lol
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definately coppin after i seen the news pics. at first i was 50/50 with them with the sticky picture but these pics changed my mind.
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yupp, so random...not readin any of this crap again =)




and something old, something new...


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Just copped for pre-order :hat
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Not sure if this has been posted or not, but has been updated a bit. There's gonna be an auction for every pair of jordans all signed by the man himself. A few other items up for auction also. In the dl section there are screensavers up now for the XXI and the Jordan Collection. Check it out, it's pretty nice. Any guesses on how high the bidding will get for these things?
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man thats gonna be crazy ^. think it could get in the 10 thousands plus? maybe
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that is a beautiful pic of the red xxi kingcrux31 can't wait to see those on my feet. YEAH:smokin
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I thought the white/red/black ones were better but those pictures kingcrux31 put up are nice. i still like those uni blue and black joints better though:hat
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guys who missed out on the pickyourshoes xxi's, look out for they always have great prices on new shoes except for hype shoes... and shipping is always free plus they charge NO tax...
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
wanted: finishline winners circle rewards
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When I first saw them, I thought they were RBK's. But I've grown in love with them.

Only 7 more days. Yeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. I'll get the red one's, and wait til the white ones hit outlets.

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On the official jb release date it shows both as limited, are these limited now??? I hope not I don't get limited shoes in my store

>: if they are limited
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athletes foot are supposed to be getting white pending the red ones
loved by many
hated by more
envied by all
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i just saw them today in person, not bad, but not worth 175 either.
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Just preordered the Red's... from pys... less then retail with shipping...I am happy
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y'all think xxi's are gunna be hard to get on the 18th?
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^ No
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just order both pairs from pys.
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If someone would buy my Zoom Kobes off of me, I would buy these:\
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I hate when ppl always use inflation as an excuse,it's not like Jordan is only making a 5% profti off these shoes so they have to adjust the price to match inflation. they are making a huge profit. they could charge 150 and still make as much profit off the 21s as they did with the XIII ,even more so since jordans used to go on sale as seen in that post with all the old eastbay magazines.
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I fail to see how Jordans going on sale has anything to do with anything. If Eastbay over ordered a shoe and chose to put it on sale, Nike still made the same amount of money on the shoe that they would have made if Eastbay didn't put it on sale. If a shoe retails for $150 and Eastbay buys it from Nike for $80, Nike has made their $80 no matter what Eastbay decides to do with the shoe. If Eastbay sells it for $150, cool, Nike made their $80. If Eastbay sells it for $100, whatever, Nike made their $80. If Eastbay uses the shoe for a satanic ritual, guess what, Nike still made their $80.

As for not liking inflation as an "excuse" . . . too bad. It's a legitimate reason. The cost of materials goes up, the cost of labor goes up, the cost of shipping goes up, the cost of warehouse space goes up, etc etc etc. Getting the new Air Jordan to market costs more and more money every year that goes by. Everything costs more money as time goes by. Things go up in price when the power of the dollar decreases. It's part of life. I still remember spending $180 in '97 the day the foams came out. $180 for a pair of shoes was out of control at the time. 9 years later, not so much. We've had $200 Jordans in the past and a few models that cost $175.

If Jordans aren't compatible with your wallet, that's cool, but what are you doing here?

Mister Saint Laurent
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fo real, how long did it take for the XX's to go waaaay down in price
i wouldnt have payed full price for those (maybe the stealths), same goes for these
il wait them out thank you

p.s. the lows are ugly

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Will be getting the White ones for 30% off! 8) Glad I know someone who works at footaction.
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Member since December 6, 2000
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Damn this week has been a blast. It could've been a super blast if i could've gotten my DMP. I basically had them ready to be picked up but i had to cancel due to a Vehicle emergency. Well here's why i posted.

picked all this up this week.
XXI, 56in Samsung DLP TV, Xbox 360, and Entertainment Ctr.
I should have the VII by weds.


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just picked up 1 of 2 XXI's today
The box is HUGE! Make room in your serious!
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