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people using the price tag as an excuse to not cop just need to get better jobs

Do you dudes think before you make statements like this?

:lol It's just my opinion....But think about it if you spend 150 on other shoes whats another 25 bones? These shoes are hot and people keep sayin o these are tight but i won't spend 175 but i'll spend 150...Iike i said i know people are on budgets but if you can fit a shoe for 150 in your budget whats another 25?
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I wonder what type of air the lows will use since they do not come with the diff IPS pods
click-a-ty clank, click-a-ty clank, our money goes into Nike's piggy-bank.
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Said it before gotta say it again these are some of the hottest J's to come out in a long time. The red's looked terrible at first but now i'm seeing some actual pics and these are looking great. They grew on me and i must Cop both Colorways
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Man I love those pictures, I definately think the Red ones look better then the White ones. I wish the White ones had all Black soles then they would be cleaner longer.
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I really am feeling the White/Black/Red.

But like I said, I'm going to try and wait. Most stuff at a place near me drops pretty quickly (like $90 for White/Green XIV).
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It's just my opinion....

:lol Nah, I get what you're saying. I will be actively looking for the XXI's for $170 and lower. If I copped them for retail, after tax, they'd be around the $190 mark. That is not a $190 shoe imo. Yeah, I have the money to pay that much, but I won't pay more than what I think any particular product is worth just because I have the means to do it.
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Just left finishline @ Arbor Place and was told that they were'nt getting any colorway>: PYS is all out of size 12 someone give me another place to cop.

thanx in advance:hat
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i saw them yesterday, i have to say i aint feel the 21's
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if any1 want the white//red//black XXI's for $150 shipped in SZ 9.5 tell me

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Very nice pic kingcrux31 :hat:hat
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We need some more sizing reports here from the guys who are lucky enough to have them or have tried them.

gmoney771981, and AIR 23DOTCOM say they run at least 1/2 sz big, but my boy 4fitness and another say true to size.

Can we get some more help here before we start ordering and have anohter ZK1 situation on hand....

Thanks to all that help.
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OH MY GOD at kingcrux31 pics. Those Red suede XXI are gorgeous. My fiance is infatuated with the Red XXI. And lucky for her, they do come in kid sizes. lol.....

2/18/06 can't get here soon enough..............
What's a sneaker boutique?

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^^^^ ya those pics make me wanna cop now. sucks though 2 hot shoes release on the same day but you gotta do what u gotta do
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im gonna pass on these

$150 shipped for White//Red//Black in sz 9.5 =)

FS: Last Shots XIV 9.5, White/Red XIV 9.5
Aim: Bigwillay88
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How do these fit compared to the XX's?????
I'm a 13 in the XX's/Lebron's/Foams, etc...
12.5 in Kobe I's, AF1's/Dunks...
I need to know if I should order a 12.5 or a 13.
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does anyone know if the white/black/red xxi's crease bad? they look like they do.
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all jordans
i heard some1 saying that these shoes were suppose to not crease as bad as others but i highly doubt that
Pittsburgh Steelers 2005-2006 SuperBowl Champs!!!
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Are the red and blacks going to be limited because my store has the white one's but i heard that we are not getting the red one's (which i wanted) because they are limited. Any info?
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I'm gonna start this off by saying Kingcrux I hate you ! You made me a jealous playahata with those Red Suedes, they're so Pimpn ! :lol
I just got mine yesterday (30% deducted, you know how I do) props to my man. Fellow NTers, these are some of the best Bball shoes I've ever put on. They are unreal ! I can't emphasize this enough. This shoe was made for the hardcore Bball player. The quality is top notch, seems to be very durable and superior to any Air Jordan in along time.
The XXI is not some hyped up, lace cover, non stickn @#$, velcro havin piece of @#$%, no it's pure Bball shoe. Read the Kenlu review if you don't trust anybody on here but let me tell all my fellow ball players on NT
If you don't buy these shoes you'll regret it bigtime !!!!
Here are some pics of me in mine tonight just enjoying them. I hope you guys enjoy these and once again BUY THESE !!! They are absolutely killer. Dwayne E. did a great job !
I will so be mashing on somebody's head wearing my XXIs as soon as this ACL heals, if you don't believe it to be true, come down to TN and it can be you.;)
4fit out !!!! I can't wait for the Red ! ! ! !
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:eek The xxi's are top 5 jordan of all time if you ask me, looks and (from what i've heard) performance wise. sounds like a must have shoe for ballers and non ballers. I'm still stuck on whether to get the red suedes or the white joints. decisions...decisions...
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If I copped them for retail, after tax, they'd be around the $190 mark

Damn i'm glad it's no tax on Sneaks in Philly. If it's 175 thats what we pay. I take it you live in the Chi if you want man i can look into getting you some just hit me wit a P.M or something

Yo 4Fitness you took some good looking pics. I like the white colorway better then the those are copped in multiples
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Also, can anyone else confirm that the XX is even in outlets for $89.99? I've been to five Nike outlets in the past month and the only XXs they had period were B grades and they were charging $100 for them.

I got the first color from the outlets for 89.99 but they were definately B-Grades.

Regionals have popped up, non B-grades for the same price.

I haven't seen or heard of stealths or QS being in the outlet.

Also, I totally see your point on the pricing thing too.
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...and the Golden State would never paper hate...
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I take it you live in the Chi if you want man i can look into getting you some just hit me wit a P.M or something

I don't think I'll have a problem copping for a decent price, just gotta holla at some folks. I appreciate the thought homie.
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Yo 4fitness great pics!! Im waiting so impatiently! What size do you wear and do they run true to size?
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Chad those look good man I was gonna get the red only but now I'm gonna get the wht too.
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Wow...I'm so hyped for the suede XXI's I even made a @#%$ wallpaper for my own use. props to KingCrux31, nice pictures man. :)

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^^^^^PICKYOURSHOES has the white/red and red suede XXI's for less $159.99. just a heads up.
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anybody wit a 11.5 or 12 in the Philly or surrounding area Holla at me!!!
You live in Philly or near here talking about prices. Come on you know sneaks drop in price here like its nothing. Them things aren't going to sale like that and if they do I'll be surprised. Most people don't care about cushioning, and all the stuff they put in J's. They wear them cause they are J's simple and plain and I haven't saw a signature J sellout in a minute. I copped the last two J's for 90 and 100 respectively.
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so the white/black ones are coming out on saturday? do you guys think they'll hit the outlets or sales racks?
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not for $180... screw that... they look alright though...
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