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so anything i could do?
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From your pics, it looks like your wallet was chewed up by a rat or something.
I would try another LV is possible, or give the LV customer service a call and explain the problem.
But if you brought it to LV and they said they can't do anything and you are all out of options, then you best bet is bring it to a leather specialist and ask them to fix it by stitching it up again.
I doubt anything can be done on the peeling and stuff though, but whatever that has unraveled or came loose should be fixable by stitching or glue from a highly trained specialist, usually cobblers can do these.
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ironically, i'm pretty sure it started ripping because i was holding too much money in it. i guess i'll try a random leather specialist bc the people at LV don't know how to do !*#% but smile and sell you a 500 dollar wallet...
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yea take it to a cobbler and see if they can help you out with re-stitching some parts, lv wont do anything to those wallets, there's nothing you can do with that torn canvas

and thanks rfx
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Burberry just came out with a haymarket/cellphone case.
Not sure what will fit in it though, probably an iphone and/or blackberry?

You'r welcome Crumbs.

By the way, with the LV Graphite Pocket Organizer, I found a way to fit the bills in the side pocket, just fold the bills in half.
It could only hold so much though, maybe 5-10 bills max.
What really adds to the pocket organizer is the outside pocket, I can leave my license and most used credit card in the outside pocket and I would rarely open up the wallet itself.
I can even fit a few bills out there too for tipping in restaurants or valet. It is more versatile that I had hoped.
It would have been perfect if it had a id window either on the outside pocket or inside, but it still pretty good. Stays relatively slim.
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Damn, these Cartier belts are so simple yet stunningly nice.
The one on the top left has me in amazement, I just love it.
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Agree with you. Top left looks like their watch design.

Pretty sweet.

Saw some of that Moncler Gamme Bleu in person today. Looks nice, but the price tags are kinda atrocious. Something like $2200 for the puffy jacket.
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I want a Cartier Roadster watch.
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Yup, the Cartier Santos, a true classic.
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Where did you see the Gamme Bleu collection 5tan?
Price is high due to the collaboration with Thom Browne.
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Saw it at Holt Renfrew here.
Canadian Equivalent of Saks.
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If it weren't for RFX's constant contributions this thread would be long gone lol.
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Crumbs, the APC bomber is 80% wool/20% nylon.
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Originally Posted by Lunatic 809

If it weren't for RFX's constant contributions this thread would be long gone lol.

Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
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whoa, yea the santos belt buckle is sick
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Originally Posted by mcnoodlez

so anything i could do?

Like others have already said, go to a cobbler to get it restitched. As for the ripped canvas, I think you should see if they could patch it up with solid brown leather. It should give it a nice little vintage look and it would be fully functional again.
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Damn Yuku.
Double post.
My fault.
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Never seen before, the guy I am getting my Wings & Horns Melton Award Jacket from just sent me this pic of the all black version of the jacket.
Pic is an iphone pic so it isn't the best quality but jacket looks great.
The jackets are flying off the shelves fast and if anyone is interested, he also offers it at a great price.
Retail is $700 CAD, he is selling it for $630 CAD, which equals to around $590 USD with the current currency exchange.
He'll probably ship free to the US too, at least with this jacket, and mark it as a gift so that it won't incur customs fees.
Anyone who is interested, on any W&H clothes, let me know and I'll refer you guys.

I'm getting the brown and blue jacket btw, should come to the store in 2 weeks.
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What colors are there currently in-store of the Damier Beanie?
Also, how is the quality on them?
Can anyone who has consistently worn one tell me if it stretches easily?

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Quality on the beanie seems pretty good.
Can't say how much it stretches, still too hot to wear it here.
Probably another month before I can even think about wearing it.
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I see.
Q, I know your %!% has input, post when possible.

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^ Doesn't stretch and I have a Big Head, it's very soft and there's no real type or sort of elastic.
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
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Can't wait to get my this hoody, should go well with the graphite beanie.
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I saw those W+H jackets this weekend in person, so nice.

I really like the grey vest too, pretty decent price at $315 or something.
After seeing/feeling the quality of the waffle thermals, I want one or two, ugh.
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The line-up for W&H this season is very tempting.
If it were available in my area, I could easily take 4-6 items easily, especially now that fit pics are surfacing.
So I am somewhat glad it is more difficult to get because it does save me from having too much jackets/sweaters I could wear for the fall/winter.
Price is pretty reasonable too for what you get, not bad at all.
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laugh.gif @ that outfit, that's what I did heavy last Winter.
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
Instagram: thedynamics | Twitter: @thedynamics
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RFX for those WH jackets do I need to go to a store to get in touch with the guy or can I purchase with him online? I really like the black grey jacket.
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You can order by e-mail or phone.
PM me if you are interested in ordering.
He has a very limited sizes left, I think they only got one of each size for each jacket.
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That brown and blue W&H jacket does look real good indeed.
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new pick ups

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