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mean.gif thought they played at 7pm today. Still pimp.gif that they won
Ig: godfatherofsoles
Ig: godfatherofsoles
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Nets gotta get game 2
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Ig: godfatherofsoles
Ig: godfatherofsoles
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They looked a lot better than they did in Game 1 but they just fell apart that second-half smh...


I should be going to Game 3 on Saturday. Hopefully they don't disappoint.

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adjustments were made & we stayed in it, but that 4th qtr with tons of missed opportunities killed us.

we need a real strong sense of urgency in game 3
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Found this. Here's how they stopped Deron

Deron gotta be a decision maker and recognize who's hedging. He should splitting but instead he goes right towards Bosh the entire game
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Went to the Barclays and I liked what I saw tonight. They really spread the ball around well. I would've liked to see DWill score a little more, but 11 assists is pretty good. 


So many Heat fans there though :x. We got the last laugh though. 

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NBA fans are fickle. They're not Heat fans but rather Wade or LeBron fans.

Great win last night!!! pimp.gif

Deron had a much better game.
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great basketball was played in game 3 smokin.gif

hoping for the same in a very important game 4 smokin.gif
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lebron dominated us... going cold in the last 4 minutes of the 4th didnt help much either tired.gif
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Eh, sometimes there's nothing you can do. I think the Nets played pretty good game. Problem was, well, LeBron James. Dude single-handedly won them the game.
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Ugh mean.gif
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The no-call in the last few seconds. mean.gif

on to the off-season. :/
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Good playoff series guys....Hopefully you guys can do better next year....
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Interesting to see what happens next. Will KG retire? Is Pierce coming back? Nets can offer him the most. Brook Lopez and Deron Williams have feet and ankles made of wet paper. AK47 is unhappy with his minutes (dude missed 37 games eyes.gif). Blatche will opt out. Shaun will likely get more money elsewhere. Joe stays. No draft picks this year.

Continuity is how teams win, but with likely another roster overhaul, it looks like the Nets will be different yet again next year.

But my guess? Blatche will be gone. AK47 takes his player option. Nets will look to trade Deron and/or Brook under the table (doubt they trade). KG retires. Pierce comes back. Shaun signs elsewhere.
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I feel like Shaun Livingston would stay. He seems to have found a home in Brooklyn.

Deron had an off year and I think he'll bounce back next season. My real concern with the Net would be with Lopez. If I was Billy King--I'd trade Lopez on the low and try to get some cap relief and go for the big fish in 2015-2016 summers.

I wouldn't resign Pierce, trade Garnett (Start Plumlee), let Ak47 go and try to sign Blatche. He did well for you guys this year. Oh, and I'd cut Jason Collins. WTF was that about?
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Collins is gone. But Garnett has a no-trade clause. He can't be traded to any team unless he says so. He'll either come back or retire, or even force a trade (unlikely).

Hank I hope you're right about Shaun and everything else. But I don't know about this dude Deron. I really can't take another year of his sub-par play. Almost willing to bet he's gonna start next season poorly then pick it up as it progresses. He looks scared as hell on the court sometimes.

Andy Vasquez ‏@andy_vasquez 21h
Deron Williams:"I used to feel like I was the best player on the court, no matter who we were playing against. I've gotta get back to that."
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Andy Vasquez ‏@andy_vasquez 21h
Deron Williams said he'll have an MRI on his ankles tomorrow. Doctors will determine a course forward from there.
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Andy Vasquez ‏@andy_vasquez 22h
Deron Williams: "I kind of feel like I've let people down. I don't like feeling like that."
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Andy Vasquez ‏@andy_vasquez 22h
Deron Williams said surgery on both of his ankles is a possibility this offseason.
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What is this report of SNY saying that Deron Williams wants out?
much success to ya, even if you wish me the opposite- sooner or later we all...
much success to ya, even if you wish me the opposite- sooner or later we all...
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Not buying it.
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Man, it's crazy to think that Kevin Garnett might end up playing a pro basketball game against Magic Johnson and Andrew Wiggins. What a career span.

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And don't let the national media fool you, KG could only play 24 minutes a game but those were 24 minutes of fantastic defense, elite rebounding and smart offense. This guy still has it. His minutes just need to be limited - which is understandable considering the miles on his body.
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Kinda unrelated, but does anyone feel like the Pacers-Heat series is a bit underwhelming? I was expecting a hard 7-game series. At this point I'd go as far as saying the Nets-Heat series was more exciting and competitive. The NBA should've let Miami and Brooklyn play a 15-game series.
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The playoffs haven't been the same since round 1. Game 7s everywhere. But yeah I think the Nets-Heat series was better. Aside from a game, it was better.

Nets have a Euro player, Bojan Bogdanovic. I don't think he'll ever come over. Nets should probably trade him but only for a first round pick.
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Deron is getting surgery done on both ankles today. nerd.gif

Here's a list of notable Deron Williams injuries since Williams joined the team in February 2011.

  1. On March 18, 2011, Williams injured his right wrist in a 110-95 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. He was placed on the injured list with a strained tendon in his right wrist two days later amid whispers the Nets were shutting him down for the season. He returned to the active lineup on March 31st.
  2. On April 6th, 2011, he was placed again on the injured list, with the official report a "sore right wrist" that would keep him out for the season. On April 11th, 2011, Williams underwent surgery on that wrist to remove bone fragments and scar tissue.
  3. Williams wouldn't miss any more games until January 4th, 2012, sitting out with sore ribs. Also my favorite Fred Kerber tweet ever.
  4. From March 10th through 16th, 2012, Williams missed four games with a right calf injury.
  5. Williams returned for a month before missing five more games from April 16th to April 26th, ending his 2011-2012 year year.
  6. On October 27th, 2012, Williams said he might need offseason surgery on his left ankle after receiving a cortisone shot to lessen inflammation in the ankle. He sat out two practices.
  7. On November 1st, 2012, Nets general manager Billy King downplayed bone spurs in Williams's ankle, saying they'd get cleaned out after the season. Williams never had the surgery.
  8. Williams sat out December 26th, 2012 with a sore right wrist. Nets coach Avery Johnson was fired the next day.
  9. On February 11th, 2013, Williams officially went on the injured list with an ankle injury, undergoing platelet-rich plasma therapy treatment and cortisone shots on both ankles heading into the All-Star Break. He also reportedly did a detoxifying juice cleanse. He returned to the active roster on February 19th.
  10. On February 17th, 2013, Jerry Colangelo said that Deron Williams was "unfit" during the Olympics that summer.
  11. On February 23rd, 2013, it was reported that Williams had received at least eight injections on his ankles in the last four months.
  12. On March 17th, 2013, finally healthy, Williams admits that his ankles "felt like s---."
  13. On April 15th, 2013, Williams was placed on the injured list with a left knee injury. He was re-activated two days later in time for the playoffs.
  14. On September 18th, 2013, the Nets announced that Williams had sprained his right ankle while working out at his home in Utah within the month. He was fitted for a walking boot and was expected to make a full recovery in time for training camp, but did not return to contact in practice until October 22nd, and did not play until the team's last preseason game on October 25th.
  15. Three weeks later, Williams missed 11 games between November 16th and December 7th with a sprained left ankle. He originally injured the ankle on November 15th, returning to the Nets on November 20th and re-spraining the ankle on a bad fall. He was officially listed as day-to-day each day.
  16. Williams missed three games between January 6th and 10th, 2014, telling team doctors he felt pain in the ankle. Following an MRI, the team officially diagnosed him with a sprained left ankle.
  17. The team officially put Williams on the IL on January 11th to undergo platelet-rich plasma therapy treatment and cortisone shots. He missed the team's week-long trip to London and was re-activated on January 20th. He came off the bench for six games before returning to the starting lineup.
  18. Williams rested the final few days of the 2013-14 season with what was deemed "right patella tendinitis." With the Nets resting starters heading to the playoffs, it was not considered a serious injury.
  19. During the team's exit interviews on May 15th, Williams said he would undergo an MRI on both ankles on Friday, May 16th, to determine if he required surgery. He met with the team's foot & ankle specialist Martin O'Malley the following Monday for further evaluation.
  20. On May 22nd, the team announced that Williams will have surgery on both ankles the following Tuesday, May 27th. The surgery planned will remove a bone chip from his right ankle, and O'Malley will perform an arthroscopic cleanout with removal of spurs from both the front and back of the left ankle.
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Nets reach agreement with Hollins to become coach

NEW YORK (AP) -- The Brooklyn Nets reached an agreement in principle Wednesday with Lionel Hollins to become their coach, moving quickly after the departure of Jason Kidd.

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Nets name Hollins to replace Kidd The SportsXchange
Nets hire Lionel Hollins as head coach Reuters
Report: Nets ‘lasered in’ on Lionel Hollins as their next head coach NBC Sports
It’s official: Lionel Hollins is the new coach of the Brooklyn Nets NBC Sports
Report: Nets finalizing multi-year agreement with Lionel Hollins to become head coach NBC Sports
The deal with the former Memphis Grizzlies coach comes two days after the Nets made a trade with Milwaukee to allow Kidd out of his contract so the Bucks could hire him.

Nets general manager Billy King and his assistants then met with Hollins on Monday night and again Tuesday before agreeing to the deal. Terms were not disclosed.

''I want to thank the Nets ownership and Billy for this opportunity,'' Hollins said in a statement. ''It has been a long process to get back into the league, and I believe that Billy and I will have a very successful working relationship. Brooklyn has firmly established itself as a franchise that is committed to winning, and I eagerly look forward to becoming part of that culture and building on the success of the past two playoff appearances.''

The Nets will introduce Hollins at a press conference Monday.

Hollins led Memphis to 56 victories and the 2013 Western Conference finals before he and the Grizzlies parted ways. The Nets considered him last year after firing P.J. Carlesimo before hiring Kidd.

He was the only known candidate the Nets interviewed this time. King said he had reached out to one other person who chose not to pursue the job.

''If you look at (his) track record and what he did in Memphis, he was able to go in there and take a team, added some veterans and they continually got better,'' King said Tuesday. ''He developed some young guys, (Marc) Gasol, some big guys. If you look at Memphis, they got consistently got better every year. All the way to the Western Conference finals.''

Kidd led Brooklyn to a 44-38 record and the second round of the playoffs in his lone season but the Nets allowed him to pursue other jobs after denying his request for more power within the organization. The Bucks held Kidd's welcoming press conference earlier Wednesday.

Hollins is known as a strong defensive coach, with the Grizzlies holding opponents to an NBA-low 89.3 points per game in his final season. He is the franchise's career leader in wins and led them to three straight playoff appearances.

He takes over a veteran team in Brooklyn that could easily fit his style of play if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce return, and Brook Lopez and Deron Williams come back healthy after surgeries.

Hollins went 214-201 with the Grizzlies and improved the team's record in each of his four full seasons, from 40 wins in 2009-10 to 56-26 in his final season. Memphis upset top-seeded San Antonio in the first round of the 2011 playoffs.

But the Grizzlies came under new ownership and management during his final season, and they chose not to renew Hollins' contract after they were swept by the Spurs in the conference finals.

He met last month with Cleveland before the Cavaliers hired David Blatt.

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If he can replicate what he did in Memphis, I'm all for it.

Is Pierce coming back?
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I think tickets go on sale the 21st . I need to see the Bulls and the Thunder. The price for 4 tickets to see the Cavs will probably be too rich for my blood
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I don't know bro If its worth the money I hope the nets are still a playoff team, they need to spend money in the right way. It's crazy how much money Mikhail lost just owning this team
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