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    bred 4s for lebron x jades?

    nahh my bred for his jades nd he'll add 15 
  2. actazn

    bred 4s for lebron x jades?

    got a pair of bred 4s good condition just have slight paint chip nd minimal creassing  for some lebron x jades he said perfect condition plus $15  Do i have a deal?
  3. actazn

    jordan vs real deal

    would totally get the BC3s thos real deal are ugly 
  4. actazn

    Jordan 11 Columbia OG legit check

    Legit  everything looks to be on point but im not really sure about the Carbon Fiber if u can feel it there 100% legit  The fakes are -Air jordan tag 4th spacing  -23 would be really big  -PT would be cut low -Jumpman logo aren't looking opposite ways  Reasons why i said that cuz the...
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    Legit check please. J4 breds. Thanks.

    Horrible fakes Bro  -Tongue really crooked and short  -Toe box looks to be short  -Midsole ins't shinny black looks matted -Pull Tab looks really big  -Tongue Air Jordan looks to be black 
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    L/C on Concord 11s!!

    the only reason why 23 might look stretched is maybe that years being tighten and factory laces 
  7. actazn

    LC: Jordan 3s 88

    legit bro everything on point 
  8. actazn

    Legit check on Air Jordan 3 white cement

    look on point everything legit
  9. actazn

    toros retro 4 for retro 7 bordeaux

    i go with the 7 sick color watch the toros will get price cut its not really an original colorway  soo i go with the bordos
  10. actazn

    Legit Check: Retro Cavs 4

    fake base off those 2 pics midsole isn't even the right shape  allot of paint flaws orange paint isn't the right color tongue not high and crooked...
  11. actazn

    Lebron 9 south beach legit check

    ask him for close up pics cuz u really cant tell from that far 
  12. actazn

    Lebron 5 Legit check will rep!!

    thanks bro rep!!
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