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    Batmans infra VI

    anybody else notice the vi boot tag pic on pg 2 says "batman director ringwood". we all know supercool director tim burton did batman yo.
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    AZ Nters .. So who went to Cowtown for MF Dooms today ?

    i got 10's from cowtown. i guess one of the employees that everyone is raving about decided not to purchase one of the many pair he had saved, so i bought it. wish i couldve paid retail though. dude said they were so much because they were going for $500 on ebay. whats done is done, i suppose.
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    Summer time = Great Ebay Pick ups

    sure hope all you people are being careful bout fakes. we all know eBay is bad like that.
  4. hjade

    Visiting Phoenix - SB spots/Nike Gear spots?

    yeah, industrial has got the best sb selection. finding your size sucks, they got all their kicks stacked to the ceiling and have to bust out ladders and isht. good luck though.
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    HELP REPORT eBay Fake Listings!

    man, only if this reporting thing was on a bigger scale and could actually make a difference. even at 10 listings a shot, theres still too many kicks listed to even make a dent in the fake population on eBay, imo. i applaud your efforts NT, good looking out!
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