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    Official Golden State Warriors @ Philadelphia 76ers 7pm EST

    Great road trip. Hope the momentum carries at home with the Suns, Rockets, Magic coming to town. Go Warriors...
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    David Sides Kanye West Tribute

    That was real nice.
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    West Coast NT Fantasy League

    I'm in now
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    Bought a pair of shoes at the liquor store??

    I heard it while stuck in trafiic ,driving on 101 :{ . I guess those who rock fakes got an anthem now.
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    West Coast NT Fantasy League

    I just tried get in on this ..guess i'm late.. teams max'd out already. :{
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    Black Out at Century 20 in DC last night.

    Driving home from dinner at Bobo's, I noticed the blackout when i exited 280 around 9pm. It was mad dark, no streetlights/ cops doing traffic control. Surprisingly my neighborhood had power, I live up john daly blvd off of hillside/ behind jollibee. Glad i wasn't at the theatre, sounded like...
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    Rock The Bells: SF

    Just came back from RTB. Wu Tang killed it.. Meth straight controlling da crowd. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN STUPID, BOY!!!
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    Pete Wilson Died :(

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    Footlocker @ Valleyfair SJ gots the orlando colorway also.
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    Much luv to UNDFTD LV, copped me some AM 90s, great service from great people.
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    Good Steak

    Ruth Chris :hat
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    Official MMA Thread-UFC on FOX 3, 5/5/12 - Anyone asking for stream links = banned.

    Tito is not the fighter he once was. Even though i am a fan of Evans, Tito should have destroyed him, and not let it go to the judges. This fight was a big letdown.
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    Hiro in San Bruno = :hat
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