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    Anyone? pg2

    Outta curiosity, did anyone cop the pg2 ps4 edition!??? If you did you should reply with a pic if you have one!!! They were so limited with the release & it would be hella cool to give credit to anyone who racked em up!!! :)
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    Plato's Closet Indy East Preview Event

    Dang, I wish the Plato's closet here in Iowa had that many kicks! Even a couple of Nikes would be amazing.... we got mostly sketchers in ours hahah
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    Do these off-white AJ1’s Check Out? Anyone?

    Those are fakes!! You will end up spending $450 on not only some fake a** knockoffs, but a VERY BAD SHOE in general. First of all, the box is DEFINITELY not authentic, Nike does not sell shoes with a box like that. After zooming in further on the already sketchy looking shoe you will see that...
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