1. Public Enemy

    Nike cries foul over virtual shoes, suing retailer that sells sneaker NFTs

    Feb 3 (Reuters) - Sneaker giant Nike sued online reseller StockX in New York federal court on Thursday for selling unauthorized images of Nike shoes, marking the latest lawsuit over digital assets known as non-fungible tokens. Nike said StockX's NFTs infringe its trademarks and are likely to...
  2. Public Enemy

    Journal Article: "I wear, therefore I am: investigating sneakerhead culture, social identity, and brand preference among men" Sneakerheads, Not Hypebeasts: Defining a Sneaker-Driven Sub-culture Sneakers can be about style, history and even community. A new study reveals that for “Sneakerheads,” sneakers are an important...
  3. solestar

    Nirvana in Nike gear?

    Random request. Awhile back (10 years ago?!), there was a thread with old school rockers wearing vintage Nike gear. I remember a photo of Dave Grohl, in a group shot with Nirvana, wearing a black version of this shirt. Does anyone have this photo? I've been searching for hours and cannot find...
  4. Uzi London

    stockx delays

    has anybody been buying from stockx recently? i ordered some yeezys on June 15th and when a couple of weeks passed i started to get concerned as they had not even reached stockx yet, however i had good experiences with stockx regarding speed in the past so i ordered some vapor maxes on July 1st...
  5. Mambalorian

    Alternatives to Nike Tech Fleece joggers/sweatpants

    Hey fam! Needing some help. I know this probably been asked a lot, but I'm in need of purchasing some new sweatpants. I really like the Nike Tech sweats that I currently have. I find myself wearing my black and my grey pair a lot and need to be able to switch it up a bit. Are there any...
  6. ohthatsslim

    Best way to Ship 20+ Pairs of Sneakers cross country

    Does anybody know an efficient and cost friendly way to get my shoes from point A to B together?
  7. C

    Jordan 6 Restoration

    Hello! I was restoring a pair of Varsity 6s and noticed that the glue used is different from other jordans. I believe the 6s use a special kind of white glue as opposed to other jordans which use clear glue. Was wondering if anyone knew where I could find this specific glue? Thank you! - Chris
  8. hakaloogie99

    Interview with Airkenny (@kw21270) about how he got all of his "unseens" and more

    Interview with Kenny Weiner, the one and only Airkenny, on all things sneakers! Listen to it here.
  9. 7yl3rkym

    New initiative: HypeAnalyzer

    Hi, I have been collecting sneakers for years now, my collection includes all the Nike Yeezys, Mags, some Adidas samples (included numbered Futurecrafts) and more. Together with a friend we have started a fully free, no ads, and accessible website where we analyze and provide people with useful...
  10. L

    ID request: Nikes fit for summer

    What's up guys, I was wondering if anyone could ID these for me - I am guessing these released in the summer of 2014. I have been trying to search for them for a while, but can't seem to figure it out. Thanks in advance! IMG_4243 by Luuk posted Aug 4, 2017 at 5:13 PM
  11. SamKQboro


    Since @nine4one is mia, here's August...
  12. gmax

    Off White Jordan 1 Collaboration

    Are these legit..? Found these one ebay.. Source seems pretty knowledgeable and has great feedback and but price seems too good to be true ood feedback
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