1. Uzi London

    stockx delays

    has anybody been buying from stockx recently? i ordered some yeezys on June 15th and when a couple of weeks passed i started to get concerned as they had not even reached stockx yet, however i had good experiences with stockx regarding speed in the past so i ordered some vapor maxes on July 1st...
  2. ohthatsslim

    Best way to Ship 20+ Pairs of Sneakers cross country

    Does anybody know an efficient and cost friendly way to get my shoes from point A to B together?
  3. 7yl3rkym

    New initiative: HypeAnalyzer

    Hi, I have been collecting sneakers for years now, my collection includes all the Nike Yeezys, Mags, some Adidas samples (included numbered Futurecrafts) and more. Together with a friend we have started a fully free, no ads, and accessible website where we analyze and provide people with useful...
  4. L

    Yeezy 350 pirate black legit check

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