“Married With Children” appreciation post.

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I was born when this show aired in 1987, but I did watch a few episodes in the first few seasons in the early 90’s, but I didn’t really appreciate it the show until I see that it’s on Hulu. The show is like no other and WAAAAY ahead of its time. As i’m Older now, I can really appreciate Al Bundy. That man is hilarious!!!!
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Everytime I think about these older classics, I think about how there's no way in hell they'd be cleared for network television today. Way too much of a sensitive society
I don’t know why I always think about this. We will never get a remake of this in today’s society. We are way past these jokes.
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There’s an Al Bundy appreciation thread going on right now and because someone mentioned the show is on Hulu, I’ve been binge watching it for the past week and it’s so appreciated.

The world wouldn’t be able to handle this show today. Although it’s so crazy how a lot of these Millenial kids are growing up as legit Marcy Darcy’s.
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Man I didn't even know this was on Hulu. Just added to my watch list. Going to binge these. Loved it even as a kid when it first played. Peg Bundy was my first TV crush. I remember her with a push up bra and low cut top as a kid. Made me love boobs from then on.

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i always thought it was weird for pm dawn to shout out christina applegate on that set adrift song.
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